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Protecting our patients against infection

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has named hand hygiene as the top priority for preventing infections during a hospital stay. 

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Prevention and management of pressure injuries (bed sores)

It is important that we work with our staff, our patients and where appropriate their carers to prevent pressure injuries from occurring. 

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Prevention and management of falls

Cabrini is committed to reducing the number and severity of falls that occur across each of our clinical sites. 

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Medication safety

To decrease the incidence of medication associated errors and adverse events, Cabrini has significantly invested in resources to improve patient safety.

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We benchmark Cabrini against like organisations. We measure ourselves against our peers (e.g. other Catholic health organisations) in areas such as activity, efficiency, patient safety, length of stay, complication rates and unplanned readmissions.

For more information about how we compare to other organisations please click on the following link to the My Hospitals site