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The Cabrini Foundation is fortunate to have many compassionate and committed donors whose generosity has assisted us to fund new projects, vital medical equipment and technology, clinical education, clinical and translational research and major building and redevelopment projects.

We are sincerely grateful for this support, which ensures Cabrini can provide the highest quality care to our patients, residents and their families.  

The Patricia Peck Education and Research Precinct

Patricia Peck’s introduction to Cabrini was when she was about six or seven and has continued since. The Peck family has supported the Cabrini Institute’s work for many years. Their most recent support has been a key enabler in establishing a new home for the Cabrini Institute.

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A little means a lot 

Raising money can be done by anyone no matter what age and in the simplest of ways. Six-year-old Ben Davidson held a lemonade stall during the school holidays to support the Cabrini babies.

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Donation says it all

Gary Simonds, the principal of Simonds Homes, has made a major personal donation to Cabrini in appreciation of treatment he received at Cabrini Malvern.

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Longer range vision

Mike Janes OAM and his family have had a long association with Cabrini Malvern and one characterised by both pleasure and pain – happiness when his wife of 50 years Patricia gave birth to their two daughters and sadness because it was where Patricia passed away after a long stay in intensive care.

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