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Our programs

Cabrini’s social and community outreach program has four program areas, through which we support a diverse range of projects.

Aboriginal health and wellbeing

Cabrini has been working in the area of Aboriginal health and wellbeing for more than a decade. Aboriginal health is a priority health issue given the gap in both life expectancy and health outcomes between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Currently we support programs in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

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Serving the most marginalised

The projects in this area of the program reflect the Cabrini Sisters’ missionary vision that calls us “to respond to the cry of the poor and the excluded, the suffering of children and the elderly at risk, the disintegration of the family and the disorientation of youth, the tragedy of so many of our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters, the exploitation of women and human trafficking.”

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International health

Through our international health programs, we are able to harness and share our knowledge, skills and resources with people who live in other parts of the world. We are active within the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We concentrate in our local region, particularly in Papua New Guinea.

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Community Engagement

Cabrini is part of a community that has complex needs. As a large, not-for-profit organisation, we are committed to sharing our resources to strengthen and develop community capacity and sustainability. We believe we are an integral part of the communities in which our hospitals and healthcare facilities are located.

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