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What are you building at Cabrini?

Subject to Council approval, we are planning to improve our facilities with a new clinical building within the existing Cabrini Malvern campus on Wattletree Road at the corner of Isabella Street. The new clinical building will help us to address the changing needs and expectations of our patients.


What are the benefits of the proposed new clinical building?

Cabrini patients, and anyone who might choose or need to use Cabrini in the future, will benefit from the new facility which will include a radiotherapy centre and a contemporary day oncology unit; medical wards for the treatment of neurological conditions, stroke and infectious diseases; a greater proportion of single rooms overall; expanded maternity facilities including an upgraded special care nursery for unwell babies; an improved cardiac services unit; an acute geriatric medical unity to meet the needs of elderly, frail or cognitively impaired patients and an improved emergency department.


What will the impacts be on the local community?

The design for the building includes closing the existing carpark entrance off Isabella Street, resulting in reduced traffic in that street and improved local amenity for residents. Further benefits will be achieved through works to include new canopy trees and landscaping, as well as the undergrounding of powerlines adjacent to the new clinical building. As with any development project, there will be some disruption as construction proceeds. We will seek to minimise this disruption and will provide regular updates to the local community throughout construction.


When will construction start?

The new clinical building remains subject to Council approval. Construction will not begin until planning and building authorities are satisfied with the design. Depending on approval, construction could begin early 2017.


When will construction end?

The total construction time of this project is likely to be around 22 months from the beginning of construction, which remains subject to approval from planning authorities. Depending on approval, completion of the new clinical building may be in early 2019.


Will the new clinical building result in extra traffic in local streets?

The current design involves closing the entrance to the underground carpark off Isabella Street, which will reduce traffic on that street, and includes more underground carparking.


Will there be an increase in the number of beds as a result of this development?

There will be an overall net increase of 48 beds.


Will Cabrini provide more carparking as part of this redevelopment?

The new clinical building will provide a net gain of 93 carparking spaces. It also includes a new bicycle facility to encourage cycling to and from work.


What will the new clinical building cost?

We estimate the total cost of the new facility including medical equipment, fitout and associated works to be approximately $120 million. This is a significant investment in the future health and wellbeing of our local community.


How will the new building be funded?

Cabrini is a not-for-profit health service. We do not rely on funding from government or the Catholic Church. We rely substantially on the goodwill of our generous donors, who support us in various ways including bequests. Our new clinical building will be funded significantly by donors’ generosity.