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Current police checks are required by new staff, volunteers, students and contractors at the time of commencement in the following Cabrini areas/occupations:

  • All employees, contractors, clinical students and volunteers working at Cabrini Residential Aged Care Ashwood
  •  Hospital in the Home employees
  • Pathology collectors
  • Home care employees
  • Allied health clinicians
  • Pastoral Services employees
  • Education Department employees
  • Staff Development Unit employees
  • Engineering employees
  • Occupational Health and Safety employees
  • Clinical students
  • Volunteers
  • Cabrini Executive Directors/Directors
  • Employees who visit patients’ homes or assist them with transport
  • Other roles such as those handling cash or with financial responsibility as required.

Police checks must be less than 3 years old from the date of issue. Ideally, the police check should be provided at time of interview for sighting and photocopying. In unavailable at interview, the police check must be provided at time of commencement if successful. To obtain a current police check, click on the following link and follow the instructions. The cost of the police check is the responsibility of the applicant.

National Police Records Check - application