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    Graduate RN and EN Program

    Cabrini’s Graduate Program is designed to assist with the transition of newly qualified health professionals...

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    Graduate RN/RM Program

    In 2017 Cabrini will offer a unique graduate program to B.Midwifery/ B.Nursing new graduates

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    Useful tips for our application process

    Your CV and cover letter are a vital component to your application. Some tips to...

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    Application instructions:

    Applications require a cover letter clearly stating your top two preferred streams you are applying...

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At Cabrini, we aim to provide an excellent patient and family experience for every patient, every day. A committed, well-informed nursing team is essential to achieving this vision. We view graduates as our leaders of the future and invest in their development clinically, professionally and personally. We have recently developed a new curriculum that assists our graduates to link theory to practice and challenges them to excel.  See for yourself why Cabrini is the first choice for so many graduate nurses.

Warm Regards,

Associate Professor Leanne Boyd
Executive Director Nursing and Cabrini Institute


Applications for the 2017 Cabrini Graduate Program are now CLOSED.


Information about the 2018 Graduate Program coming soon.