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Baby Harriet on the cover

Date: 29/03/2017

Gorgeous baby Harriet and her proud parents Natalie and Dean Parker grace the cover of this month’s CONNECT magazine, Cabrini’s community magazine.

Harriet arrived in time to ring in the New Year, born into the world just before 9 am on 1 January weighing approximately 3.5 kg and with a shock of dark hair and eyes so deep blue that they are almost startling.

While the Parkers had the option of spending part of their hospital admission at The Como and agreed this was a great opportunity, for family reasons they chose to remain in the maternity unit at Cabrini Malvern for their four-night stay.

“The midwives and staff who cared for us at Cabrini Maternity were amazing – we were happy and comfortable there, the food and service were excellent and we felt so well looked after,” says Mrs Parker. Her husband agrees, adding that the maternity ward is “like a hotel – if they want you to move on to The Como, they should make it less comfortable!”

Harriet’s parents agree that with her birthday being 1 January, it’s one that most family and friends will not forget and will be cause for a very special New Year celebration in the years to come. Not to mention that each year, a holiday will fall on her birthday.

Mr and Mrs Parker’s hopes for baby Harriet are that she will remain healthy and happy, enjoy life every day and know she is loved. They look forward to the time when she is old enough to play with her young cousins Thomas (eight months) and Victoria (two-and-a-half years).

As a primary school teacher, Mrs Parker has a love of children and a teaching background that will help her in understanding her daughter’s development. Already a water baby, Harriet loves bath time and her Dad, who manages recreational facilities, looks forward to teaching her to swim in the family pool in a few months’ time.

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