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Five-star food at Cabrini Residential Aged Care Ashwood

Date: 30/05/2017


Cabrini Residential Aged Care in Ashwood recently earned a City of Monash Golden Plate Award in an assessment of its food services.

These awards recognise businesses throughout the municipality that provide a high standard of food safety. Food proprietors are awarded up to five stars, based on their Annual Golden Plate Food Safety Assessment carried out by Council's environmental health officers.

It is not the first time Cabrini Residential Aged Care Ashwood has been commended for its meal service.

The team at Ashwood has been honoured in the City of Monash Golden Plate Awards on six occasions: in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and again in 2017. To achieve five stars, premises have to meet strict criteria i.e. achieve a score of 93 per cent or higher in their assessment, have a fully implemented food-safety program, no justified food-related complaints in the previous year and no serious food-safety risks during inspection.

Feedback from our regulators is similarly encouraging: in an unannounced visit by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, the surveyors commented that the dining experience was as close to a restaurant experience as they had seen, congratulating staff and saying “it is rare to come across this feeling in residential care”.

Sharni Clark, Cabrini’s General Manager/Director of Nursing and Resident Experience, says she is proud of the team at Ashwood and the consistently high level of service provided to residents.

“Our team works hard to create a homelike living experience for all our residents, we have close bonds between staff, volunteers and residents, and I am proud of our teamwork and camaraderie,” she said. “Food is important to all of us not only for the nutrition it brings us but for its social benefits and that is why we were pleased to complement our dining room with our casual eatery the Strawberry Café not so long ago.”

The team at Ashwood recently underwent an annual third-party audit conducted by Australian Food Hygiene Services. The result: 100 per cent compliance. “Results like this are rare and further attest to the high standards and services we provide,” said Ms Clark.