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Gifts from the heart

Date: 11/12/2017

The Cabrini community gathered recently to celebrate Christmas with some our most generous supporters: those who plan to leave Cabrini a charitable gift in their Will.

The highlight of the luncheon event was a moving tribute by bequestor Donna Bradley-Robinson who spoke about the recent death of her younger sister Tracey and her reason for leaving a gift to Cabrini in her Will.

Ms Bradley-Robinson is 52 and was diagnosed with MS at the age of sixteen. She attends Cabrini regularly, as both a visitor and an outpatient – she was admitted four times over 2017. Ms Bradley-Robinson is a passionate ambassador for MS research and treatments and equally supportive of the Cabrini Foundation – and the difference you can make to the lives of other by leaving a legacy in your Will. Her sister Tracey, who attended last year’s event, was being treated for cancer at Cabrini. Sadly, she died at Cabrini Palliative Care in Prahran in September 2017, surrounded by her loved ones.

In Ms Bradley-Robinson’s emotional speech, she explained to guests that Tracey was a patient of Associate Professor Gary Richardson OAM. For more than two decades, Associate Professor Richardson has practised privately at Cabrini and fulfilled leadership roles in cancer services. Ms Bradley-Robinson cried as she thanked Associate Professor Gary Richardson and told him how much she and her family valued his care of Tracey and hugged him.

Associate Professor Richardson delivered a presentation to the room on the risks of inherited cancer and the progression of cancers caused by genetic mutations. He is Director of Cabrini’s Academic Haematology and Oncology Service and head of the Cabrini Monash University Department of Medical Oncology: The Szalmuk Family Department of Medical Oncology (established in 2003) at the Cabrini Institute. In this role, he provides leadership to an academic department that works to continually advance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer via a combination of research, education and clinical practice.

The Cabrini Foundation’s mid-year fundraising effort raised money for Cabrini’s Family Cancer Clinic.

Executive Director of Cabrini Malvern Dr Simon Woods spoke about the new Gandel Wing, construction of which is underway on the corner of Wattletree Road and Isabella Street in Malvern, and the benefits it will bring to patient care and experience.

The event was attended by more than 50 Cabrini supporters who plan to leave gifts in their Wills, as well as key Cabrini staff including Executive Director of Medical Services Dr Peter Lowthian, Emergency Department Director Dr Michael Ben-Meir, Palliative Medicine Director Associate Professor Natasha Michael and Executive Director of Nursing and the Cabrini Institute Professor Lee Boyd.

For more information please visit: Leaving a Bequest to Cabrini