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Online request form for X-rays now available

Date: 03/04/2017

Two new features – a new online appointment request form and a directory of Cabrini Medical Imaging patient information – have been introduced on the Cabrini website.

The new online appointment request form allows patients to provide their details, the type of test they need and to nominate a preferred date and time for their test. This request is transmitted to the relevant area for booking and is confirmed either by phone or email based on the patient’s preference.

Marion Sitter, Manager of Cabrini Medical Imaging, believes the new online features will increase convenience and access to information for patients who need medical imaging procedures. “In 2015-16, almost 150,000 medical imaging procedures were undertaken at Cabrini Medical Imaging,” she said. “As this is one of Cabrini’s busiest outpatient departments, we are continually looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience.”

Ms Sitter says that the improved Cabrini Medical Imaging webpages provide information specific to the needs of patients and a separate section for GP and specialist referrers. There is information on the various modalities i.e. the types of tests and scans available and safety details.

“We offer more than 100 patient information sheets that are specific to the numerous test types and detail what each test entails, what to expect and what preparation is required,” she said. “The new website search function allows our patients and referrers to easily search all information sheets by test type; for example, x-ray, MRI and CT, or via a keyword search.”

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