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Cabrini Children's Centre moving day:

On Monday 5 December, Cabrini Malvern’s young patients numbering 24 relocated from the former children’s centre to a newly opened and blessed paediatric ward, which remains located on level 1 at Cabrini Malvern.

Cancer Coucil Brain Tumour Forum

A three-minute promotional video capturing Cabrini’s involvement in the Brain Cancer Action Week Community Awareness and Information Forum


Cabrini's New Clinical Building

Our proposed new clinical building is a major step forward for Cabrini in our continuous efforts to provide the best possible care and address the changing needs and expectations of our community.


2015 Cabrini History Book

In September 2015, Cabrini published the second volume of its history From one pebble, many pearls: perspectives on Cabrini Health 1999−2012 by Melbourne author Di Websdale-Morrissey.



New Cabrini uniform 2015

At Cabrini we are always evolving while maintaining our strong heritage. The launch of our new uniform represents a fresh, new look for our care team, carrying the same Cabrini heart.