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Cabrini Annual Reports

foundation AR smll
Cabrini Foundation Annual Report 2015-2016

Thanks to your generous support, the Cabrini Foundation has been able to provide vital financial contributions to meet the evolving healthcare and wellbeing needs of our patients through clinical care, research, education, training and the very latest equipment. ... Learn more

health annual report 2016
Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2015-16

Every day we provide care for people during their most joyous times and for those who may be going through the most difficult period they will face in their lives. It is through the dedication and commitment of our accredited medical practitioners, nurses, allied health practitioners and staff that we are able to be there for our patients and their families when the need is there. ... Learn more

social outreach AR 1516tn
Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report 2015-16

Our missionary roots challenge us to a take up a leadership role as we enter a new Cabrinian era. Accordingly, our new corporate strategy sets out a goal that by 2020, charitable services will be positioned as a separate and significant expression of our Catholic and Cabrinian identity. Our achievements towards this goal in 2015-16 are outlined in this report. ... Learn more

Institute AR 201516 tn2
Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2015-16

Established in 1996, the Cabrini Institute supports a wide range of education and research activities across Cabrini. Senior medical staff and researchers oversee a diverse research program, as well as developments in clinical education. ... Learn more

Comm Benefit report tn
Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2014-15

At the beginning of the 2014-15 year, I set 13 chief priorities responding to the following areas of focus in our strategic plan (2013-15): mission, strategy and people; patient experience, safety, quality and compliance with national standards; and stewardship of resources. ... Learn more

Social outreach AR 14 15 tn
Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report 2014-15

While the Sisters were proud of our achievements in private healthcare, they challenged us to become more closely aligned with their vision to reach out to people in community who are marginalised and under-served. ... Learn more

Inst AR 201415
Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2014-15

It is a pleasure to introduce the Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2014-15, which highlights both the scope and the achievements in education, research and health promotion across Cabrini. This report also includes the publications of our outstanding researchers and projects approved by the Cabrini Human Research Ethics Committee. ... Learn more

comm benefit report 2014 thumbnail
Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2013-14

It has been a dynamic year for Cabrini in Australia. Our founders, the Cabrini Sisters, are innovators and this is what they expect of us: to continue to develop new and creative forms of charity, respond to the challenges that we face both on a local and human level and involve ourselves in concrete actions and constant discernment of our resources. ... Learn more

Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2013-14

The Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2013-14 is now available. This report is designed to inform our staff, doctors, donors, stakeholders and the community about Cabrini’s achievements and activities in research, education and health promotion. ... Learn more

Cabrini Social and Community Outreach Annual Report 2013-14

The new Cabrini Social and Community Outreach Annual Report 2013-14 describes the organisation’s achievements in supporting underserved people in Melbourne and beyond. ... Learn more

foundation review 201314
Cabrini Foundation Review 2013-14

... Learn more

Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2012 -13

... Learn more

Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2012-13

... Learn more

Social Outreach Annual Report 2012-13

Cabrini Health’s new social outreach annual report launched ... Learn more

Community Benefit Annual Report 2011-12

... Learn more

Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2011-12

... Learn more

Social Outreach Annual Report 2011-12

... Learn more

comm benefit report 201011
Community Benefit Report 2010-11

... Learn more

institute ar 1011
Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2010-11

... Learn more

annual review 2010
Annual Review 2009-10

... Learn more

institute ar 0910
Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2009-10

... Learn more

institute ar 0809
Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2008-09

... Learn more