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Improvements to carparking at Cabrini Malvern

Date: 07/08/2017


Entry and egress to the patient & visitor carpark at Cabrini Malvern have been improved with a new entrance featuring two lanes inbound in the morning and two lanes outbound in the afternoon.

Patients and visitors access the carpark from the signalised intersection at the corner of Wattletree Road and Coonil Crescent, as normal.

The entrance to the staff carpark, formerly located on Isabella Street, has been permanently closed, with all access to Cabrini Malvern’s underground carparks now occurring via the Coonil Crescent entry point.

“With closure of the Isabella Street entrance, we expect to see a decrease in hospital-related traffic in that street and better amenity for our local neighbours,” said Dr Simon Woods, Executive Director of Cabrini Malvern.

For safe pedestrian access to Cabrini Malvern, visitors are encouraged to use the signalised (traffic light) crossing at the corner of Wattletree Road and Coonil Crescent. 

Following a review of usage of the Coonil Crescent pedestrian (zebra) crossing, Cabrini has decided to remove this crossing in the interests of patient, staff and visitor safety.

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