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Cabrini's green fitness confirmed

Date: 13/03/2013

Cabrini has been awarded ISO14001 certification for its environmental-management system and is the first large metropolitan health service to have this distinction.

This is an important achievement and the result of months of work by many staff across each campus, coordinated by Cabrini’s engineering department.

“Cabrini needed to meet the 17 general requirements of the standard, including development of Cabrini’s environmental policy, identification and management of all environmental risks at each Cabrini location, documenting and training staff on their responsibilities and a management review of the environmental program,” said Scott Fraser, Environmental Engineer.

The auditor, who met 60 people during the survey, highlighted Cabrini’s positive culture of environmental awareness and the final report noted:

“The strong commitment to the environmental performance of Cabrini is clearly visible from the highest management levels through to all levels of the staff profile”.

Achievement of ISO14001 certification is a significant milestone but not an endpoint for Cabrini’s environmental program. Maintaining accreditation requires Cabrini to continue making improvements across its whole environmental program.

“Matters that require more attention include auditing of departments to measure what can be improved and further training of staff in waste segregation and energy conservation,” said Scott. “Further projects will be designed to increase the generation of recyclable materials, in order to reducing the volumes of waste sent to landfill.”

The next stage of assessment is a surveillance audit to check progress of the system. This is scheduled for mid-2013, and will be repeated six months later. From 2014, surveillance audits will be conducted annually.