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Date: 13/11/2013

Cabrini’s new Patient, Resident and Family Experience Advisory Committee met for the first time in October 2013. Approximately half of the positions have been filled by Cabrini executives/staff and the other half by community members.

The following community members have been appointed:

  • Judy Hacker
  • Monique Peluso (member of the Patient and Family Register)
  • Jan Moore (volunteer and member of the Patient and Family Register)
  • Jan Ross (member of the Patient and Family Register)
  • Mike Watson

Each has recently experienced care at Cabrini as a patient, resident or family member of a patient/resident and is motivated to help us improve the patient, resident and family experience at Cabrini. Membership of the Committee is voluntary.

Dr Beth Wilson AM, former Victoria's Health Services Commissioner (1997-2012), has also joined the committee to lend her expertise.

The Patient, Resident and Family Experience Advisory Committee, being chaired by Natalie Sullivan (Executive Director, Continuing Care and Patient Experience), will take a ‘big picture’, system approach to improving the experiences of patients, residents and their families at Cabrini.

It has been established to:

  • Help us integrate patient, resident and family views into all levels of our health service
  • Provide us with insights into the experiences that patients, residents and their families have with us
  • Provide us with advice on what patients, residents and families expect of Cabrini
  • Identify and advise the Chief Executive on areas of high priority and issues requiring patient, resident and family involvement
  • Monitor the new Cabrini Patient and Family Experience Strategy and make suggestions for its ongoing improvement and development
  • To provide input and feedback on initiatives such as the development of the Cabrini strategic plan

The committee will meet every two months.