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Honouring consumer rights

Date: 15/03/2013

Cabrini is marking World Consumer Rights Day (15 March 2013) with a special promotion of our consumer group, the Cabrini Patient and Family Register, throughout Cabrini’s hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Also, members will attend a luncheon where the draft patient experience strategy will be presented for discussion and feedback. The luncheon will honour the commitment and contributions of our Cabrini Patient and Family Register members, who have participated in a wide range of activities since the PFR was established in August 2011

Recent examples of PFR involvement include:

• A workshop about the 2013-15 Cabrini strategic plan

• Participation in 2012 Cabrini Research Day where PFR member Sue McIvor shared the joint keynote address

• Representation on the Menu Planning Committee, the Advance Care Planning Working Group and the Advisory Group for New Breast Cancer Service

• A workshop about new patient information guide and admission forms

• Reviews of intensive care and cardiac care patient materials

“We want to ensure that our patient experience strategy truly reflects the needs and priorities of our patients and their families,” said Natalie Sullivan, Executive Director, Continuing Care and Patient Experience.

Raising awareness of consumer rights is the aim of World Consumer Rights Day. Organised by Consumers International, a federation that acts as an independent voice for all consumers worldwide, World Consumer Rights Day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the crucial role that consumer protection plays in making societies safer and fairer. On announcing World Consumer Rights Day 2013, Consumers International Director General Helen McCallum said: "Good consumer protection can deliver justice, create a fairer society and even save lives.” Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare setting.