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Send a message to your loved one

Date: 27/05/2013

When you can’t be here in person to visit a family member or friend at Cabrini, you can send a message via the Cabrini website by simply going to the ‘send a message’ page on our website.

With this service you can write a short message (maximum of 200 words) from anywhere around the world to pass on your support, congratulations, well wishes and prayers.

Your message will be printed as a card and sent directly to the patient.

To locate this helpful feature go to then click on Patients & Families, follow the link to ‘send a message’ and remember to fill in the mandatory fields listed with an asterisk (the * symbol).

Once you have filled in all the details, press submit and your message will be delivered to your loved one soon after.

The Cabrini website has been designed with visitors to the site in mind and receives approximately 30,000 hits each month. Topics such as careers, maternity and ‘find a doctor’ are consistently among the most popular pages.

The website will continue to evolve as we add more transactions and information of value to our patients and their families, as well as for people seeking to work with us and to support our organisation.

Features of the Cabrini website include:

  • Find a service – an A-Z directory of Cabrini’s services, which will be expanded over time
  • Facilities and directions – dedicated pages for each of our hospitals and facilities comprising directions, services, carparking and other amenities
  • Find a doctor – a feature enabling people to search for Cabrini doctors in various ways
  • Careers – a new section designed for people interested in working with us
  • Research and education – a new section that supports Cabrini’s role as a teaching and learning organisation
  • Cabrini Foundation – a dedicated section featuring campaigns and stories aimed at people interested in supporting our work
  • About Cabrini – contains comprehensive information about Cabrini’s mission, values and structure, as well as ways people can become involved with Cabrini