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About the Service

A multidisciplinary service with expertise in the area of cognitive decline and dementia, supporting patients, their families and carers, at hospital or in the community

We offer a multidisciplinary service with expertise in the area of cognitive decline and dementia. Our team support patients and their families or carers for as long as required. It is based at Cabrini Brighton and in the community.

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Initial Assessment

We strongly recommend that family members or carers are present for the assessment. The initial assessment is divided in to 2 stages.

1. A comprehensive assessment is undertaken by an Occupational Therapist or Social Worker to identify concerns with cognition and their impact on everyday life. This assessment takes place in the home or in the clinic at Cabrini Brighton. The assessment takes approximately 1 hour.

2. After the community assessment, a Geriatrician appointment is arranged at Cabrini Brighton to further assess cognition and consider a diagnosis. This appointment takes approximately one hour.

After the initial assessments have taken place, the Cognition and Dementia team will discuss the findings and develop an individualised care plan. A member of the team will then contact the patient and family to discuss the outcomes and any recommendations.

Further Assessment and Ongoing Care

Further assessment and ongoing care is often required by one or all of the below professionals:

Our Team

The Community Cognition and Dementia Service is comprised of a range of clinicians with experience and expertise in the area of thinking and memory problems, and dementia. The team works together with patients and their families to assess, diagnose and manage cognitive difficulties. They also develop tailored plans for ongoing treatment, support and management.

Geriatric Medicine

We have dedicated on-site geriatricians who will expertly assess and manage your health, medications and medical needs related to cognition and ageing.


A neuropsychologist is a psychologist who specialises in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behaviour. The brain is extremely complex, and disorders within the brain or nervous system can alter behaviour and cognition. Neuropsychologists perform thorough assessments to aid in the diagnosis and management of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Clinical Nurse Consultant

The clinical nurse consultant is a specialist in dementia care and coordination. They can provide nursing related support to people with cognitive impairment and dementia, and their family/carers. In addition, the clinical nurse consultant is there to provide support with more immediate concerns throughout your care journey.

Social Work

A social worker works with individuals, families, groups and communities to improve wellbeing and identify external issues that may impact on wellbeing. In the area of cognitive impairment and dementia, social workers assist individuals and their families/carers to access services and support in line with their personal preferences and beliefs. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists promote health and well-being through occupation to enable individuals participate in activities of daily life. In the area of cognition and dementia, the occupational therapist will identify strategies or equipment required to improve safety and independence. 

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists are trained in the assessment and management of communication and swallowing. In cognitive impairment and dementia, speech pathologists assess and manage communication, cognition and swallowing to support individuals to communicate effectively and swallow safely.


Dietitians assess the nutritional needs of individuals, plan appropriate diets and educate individuals and their families. In the area of cognitive impairment and dementia, dietitians work with individuals to positively impact on risk factors for dementia such as obesity or heart disease or to prevent deterioration.


Physiotherapists are professionals trained to assess and manage a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. In the area of cognition and dementia, physiotherapists work with individuals to maintain and maximise movement and physical activity, as well as preventing injury.