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Pastoral Care

Our aim is to help you maintain what is sacred and significant in your life

Our aim is to help you maintain what is sacred and significant in your life

+ This service does not require a referral from your GP or specialist

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About the service

At Cabrini we understand that, in the demanding time of an admission to hospital, our ability to cope can be affected by questions that may seem confronting. This may challenge us to the core and unsettle our sense of meaning and purpose.

Cabrini recognises the holistic needs of our patients − spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological and social.

The Pastoral Service Department in particular, offers you a service which especially focuses on the human spirit − that fundamental part of ourselves which permeates our overall health and wellbeing and integrates all other physical and mental dimensions of health.

Spiritual care focuses on the aspect involving connectedness to what is sacred to you − connectedness through meditation, ritual, prayer, your relationship with others and nature.

At Cabrini we provide spiritual and emotional support and care for people of all faith traditions, cultures and spiritual belief and people of no faith or spiritual beliefs.

Our team of pastoral practitioners are:
  • Professionally trained and qualified
  • Experienced
  • Multi-faith

The team ensures privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Drop-in Mindfulness Sessions

These free sessions are provided at Cabrini Brighton Hospital and Cabrini Malvern Hospital from February to November, excluding school holidays.

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Cabrini Pastoral Services brochure - download

Inpatients may request a Pastoral Practitioner’s visit by contacting the nursing staff.

Outpatients and visitors can contact us on 9508 1222