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Thank you for choosing to have your baby at Cabrini.

Thank you for choosing Cabrini to deliver your baby. We offer you high quality, private accommodation and the best of medical, midwifery and nursing care to help bring your baby safely into the world. 

Booking in to Cabrini is easy, just ask your general practitioner to refer you to an accredited Cabrini obstetrician. Your booking will be handled by your obstetrician’s office.  

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Please contact our maternity booking office on (03) 9508 1724, between 9.30 am - 2.30 pm Monday to Friday, following your first doctors appointment, preferably around 12 weeks, to confirm your booking with us.

During this call our booking office staff will arrange a time for you to complete a telephone interview with one of our midwives, or you can arrange a time to meet the midwife in person.

You will be asked about your past obstetric, medical and surgical history. This information will be securely filed in your hospital medical record. Your midwife will also ask for a copy of your blood type. This will be given to maternity services and added to your medical record. The midwife will answer any questions you may have about Cabrini and will discuss our extensive childbirth education program with you.

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