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Cabrini Monash University Department of Medical Oncology The Szalmuk Family Department of Medical Oncology

The department aims to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care for cancer patients and continued advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer via a combination of research, education and clinical practice.

Since establishment in 2003, many oncology and haematology clinical trials have been approved by the Cabrini Human Research Ethics Committee. More than 800 patients have been enrolled, particularly in breast and colorectal cancer studies. Currently we have eight active principal investigators, ten associate investigators, a research manager, five study coordinators, a clinical trials pharmacist and an administrative assistant.


Cancer 2015 project

Cabrini is participating in a major project Cancer 2015 sponsored by the Victorian Cancer Agency. This is a pilot study for a very large ‘Framingham-type’, whole-of-system epidemiologic study: the Victorian Cancer Genome Cohort. It is planned to enroll 1000 patients from four different hospitals/health services and already Cabrini has 100 patients enrolled. These patients have had molecular testing of their tumours to determine if there were any abnormalities that would make their cancers more sensitive to specific treatments.

 As one of the world’s largest prospective, longitudinal population-based molecular studies, Cancer 2015 will make a major contribution to cancer re-classification using molecular pathology and linking this data to treatments and outcomes. For the project, a unique collaboration between researchers, pathologists, treating clinicians and cancer patients is envisaged in a bi-directional program, with molecular information flowing from the laboratory to clinicians and patients.

 The project will involve validation of clinical trial methodology and data input from clinicians and consumers, as well as provide a construct to which the whole cancer community can identify. Cancer 2015 will help to enhance the Victorian ethic of research-led clinical cancer care.


Head of Department

Associate Professor Gary Richardson OAM

Principal oncologist and haematologist investigators

Dr Ben Brady

Dr Andrew Haydon

Dr Melita Keneally

Professor Miles Prince

Associate Professor Gary Richardson

Dr Jeremy Shapiro

Associate oncologist and haematologist investigators

Dr Yoland Antil

Dr Sanjeev Gil

Associate Professor Ian Haines

Dr Henry Januszewicz

Dr Lara Lipton

Dr Nicole Potasz

Professor Max Schwarz

Dr Robert Stanley

Dr Michelle White

Associate Professor Max Wolff

Research Manager

Barbara Scher

Study coordinators

Julia Carlson

Jaishri Ellengovan

Mary Lane

Alice Newman

Dr Kate Richards

Helen Smenda

Laura Zamurs (Cancer 2015)