Cabrini is committed to keeping up with the latest advances in clinical care and technology and meeting the needs of our community. Below are some examples of our latest innovations in care and practice.

Trial of Paxman scalp cooling system at Cabrini

Cancer patients believe hair loss to be one of the worst parts of chemotherapy treatment. What if it were possible for a patient to go through treatment and keep their hair? The new Paxman scalp cooling system has now made that possible and Cabrini is the first hospital in Australia to conduct a clinical trial of the machine.

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Robotic Surgery at Cabrini

Installed in 2011 and one of only 22 in Australia, Cabrini’s surgical robotic system has already proven its worth for various disciplines.

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EBUS arrives at Cabrini

Cabrini has recently invested heavily in state-of the- art technology – endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) ‒ to enable rapid, minimally invasive, comprehensive assessment of lung cancer and other diseases of the chest.

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New MRI for Cabrini Brighton

Cabrini’s MRI service is expanding to Cabrini Brighton: from August 2015, building works will begin to install a state-of-the-art 1.5T Siemens Aera machine. The Siemens Aera boasts the shortest of the wide-bore (or tunnel) of any MRI scanner.

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