Gandel Wing Overview

The Gandel Wing is a $120m investment in the health and wellbeing of current and future patients. We embarked on this journey nine years ago, with the aim of improving our facilities in order to meet the growing needs of our community. We believe this new wing will help us deliver even better patient care.

An expanded Emergency Department

To continue to fulfil our role in providing rapid and high-quality emergency care, we had to expand our emergency department (ED). The ground floor of the Gandel Wing now includes 19 new ED beds with ten acute treatment bays and nine private rooms. The additional space allowed the integration of specialised medical imaging equipment, which includes: a CT scanner, general x-ray room and ultrasound room. This new medical imaging capability improves the speed of diagnosis, which in turn enables our ED specialists to swiftly determine the best treatment plan for patients.

A new acute Cardiac Service

The acute cardiac service offers a contemporary clinical environment for patients who come to Cabrini with acute cardiac problems. This new facility will provide a multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care, incorporating medical and surgical care (post-operative cardiothoracic), acute care and chronic care. The acute cardiac service is a 20-bed unit, comprising 18 private rooms and one double room.

An expanded Maternity Service

Our expanded maternity ward will provide extra capacity in a contemporary setting. The 19 private rooms (all with double beds) allow new mothers to rest and recover in comfort, with spouses able to stay overnight. The additional capacity means more children can safely begin their lives at Cabrini.

A new acute Aged Care Unit

The purpose-built ward for the care of our older patients will enable staff and doctors to better meet the needs of this complex group of patients, with a focus on care that is comprehensive and well- coordinated. The design of rooms and common areas within this unit are focused on safety and patient care, with the goal of reducing the risk of patients having falls and experiencing delirium. 

A new Infusion Treatment unit

The new Infusion Treatment unit includes 28 day-treatment chairs, one procedure room, four treatment and recovery bays and two isolation rooms. Cabrini is committed to tailoring care to each patient’s needs and remains at the forefront of research and development, with access to the latest treatment and clinical trials.

Integrated diagnostic and radiotherapy facility

The purpose-built radiotherapy facility, with linear accelerators to deliver radiation therapy and a mapping CT (which stands for computed tomography) capability for medical imaging. The consolidation of chemotherapy, diagnostic and radiotherapy services into one location means that patients can have all of their cancer treatment in one familiar place. This provides greater convenience and comfort for a better patient experience.

A dedicated Respiratory Service

Cabrini’s new respiratory and medical specialties ward provides specialised facilities to help us manage care of patients who have respiratory and infectious illnesses. This new ward includes 18 private rooms and one double room.