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Living our mission

Cabrini Outreach is the contemporary expression of our missionary heritage.

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    Asylum seekers and refugees

    it is legal and a human right to seek asylum. We have
    actively sought to increase...

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    Aboriginal health and wellbeing

    We want to make a real difference to the lives of Aboriginal people.

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    International Health

    We share our knowledge, skills and resources with people in the Asia-Pacific region and further...

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    Community Engagement

    We believe those who are poor, marginalised or otherwise vulnerable have a special place in...

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For more than two decades, Cabrini has supported and operated a formal social and community outreach program designed to help us identify and fulfil unmet needs in our local communities and beyond.


We seek to bring value to the program through our human, financial and material resources and by contributing our skills, knowledge and services. Our experience demonstrates that strong partnerships are an effective way to address economic and social disadvantage.


Our strategy is to focus efforts on priority areas and reduce the numbers of organisations with which we work.

Our partnerships will be beneficial to both organisations and together we will add greater value than by working alone.


The fundamental principles for an effective partnership are commitment to collaboration: mutual respect and trust, long-term engagement; and sustainability.

Cabrini's social and community outreach program is underpinned by seven principles, which reflect Catholic social teaching and embody our values:

  1. Mutual respect and trust are the foundation of good partnerships. It involves listening to one another, transparency, probity, flexibility, joint planning and accountability, as well as working through potential conflict situations.
  2. Projects must be people-centred with empowerment at their heart.
  3. We give priority to projects which involve collaboration with all relevant sectors of the community to promote the common good.
  4. Stakeholders must be involved in consultation, planning, implementation and evaluation of the project.
  5. A commitment to long-term engagement and sustainability.
  6. Collaboration with others, including all levels of government and social institutions, must be based on a shared unified vision.
  7. Where advocacy is an element of the partnership, projects should be initiated with local communities so that they can lobby the appropriate layer of government for the implementation of their rights.
Annual Reports

Download the 2015-2016 Cabrini Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report

Download the 2014-2015 Cabrini Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report

Download the 2013-2014 Cabrini Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report

Download the 2012-2013 Cabrini Social Outreach and Community Engagement Annual Report

Social Policy Statement

Our Mission and identity impels us to continue to look beyond our current services to identify and respond to unmet need. Australia's First People experience significant marginalisation and disadvantage and this is reflected in the wide disparity in their health outcomes compared to non-indigenous Australians.

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