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CatholicCare Melbourne

CatholicCare Melbourne operates under a charter from the Archbishop of Melbourne and the Diocese of Sale for the purposes of carrying on the welfare, non-profit, educational and charitable activities of the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and Diocese of Sale with respect to the welfare of families.

What we do
  • Since 1992, we have provided an annual grant of $140,000 to CatholicCare’s family counselling service in Malvern, providing affordable access to individual, couple and family counselling, family dispute resolution and a school refusal program.
  • Cabrini Vale was co-located with the counselling service from July 2014 until CatholicCare relocated to Dandenong in April 2016. This minimised overhead costs for both organisations
  • Since 2011, we have provided grants to support CatholicCare’s work with asylum seekers in community detention and refugees wishing to settle in Melbourne’s outer south-eastern suburbs.
  • In October 2015, we participated in the collection of material aid in preparation for the arrival of the Syrian refugees.
  • We work with Hoban Recruitment and Cabrini Linen Service to provide pathways to employment for refugees in CatholicCare’s programs.

Family Life

Family Life is an independent, community service organisation operating in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Family Life’s goal is to enable children, young people and families to thrive in caring communities.

What we do
  • We provide philanthropic grants to Family Life’s Community Bubs program and the Community House in Sandringham.
  • We collect and donate secondhand goods from across the organisation for sale in Family Life’s opportunity shops.
  • Cabrini Brighton’s Click Clack knitting group donated more than 40 scarves and baby mittens for clients of Family Life’s programs.
  • Cabrini Brighton conducts special-purpose drives (such as for winter coats, household items and non-perishable food items) throughout the year.


We support Cabrini Ministries Swaziland to provide health, child and family services to a community devastated by HIV-Aids.

JoCare is a volunteer-based community service sponsored by St Joseph’s Parish offering friendship and support in the local Malvern area.

What we do
  • We supported the development of the service, helping with recruitment of the service coordinator and sharing our experience to facilitate the establishment of the volunteer program.
  • We hold ongoing membership of the service’s steering committee.
  • We provide an annual philanthropic grant of $15,000 equating to approximately 40 per cent of the service’s operating costs.


Lighthouse Foundation

Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse with a home, a sense of family and around-the-clock therapeutic care that is individually tailored, trauma-informed and proven to work.

What we do
  • Since 1996, we have made a house available rent-free to the Foundation. Known as the Cabrini Lighthouse, it has traditionally provided accommodation for up to five young people.
  • In 2015-16, it became a home to young mothers and their babies.
  • We provide philanthropic support, covering the costs of Cabrini Lighthouse’s primary carer and offsetting food, general supplies and maintenance costs.
  • Two staff serve on the Cabrini Lighthouse management committee.

Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission assists people who are homeless or living in poverty to find shelter, food, care and support.

What we do
  • We provide a pro bono linen service for the residential hostels, which costs $60,000 per year, and budget a further $30,000 towards the food costs in the dining hall.
  • We have been strong supporters of the ‘Journey to Social Inclusion’ pilot and supported both the program and its evaluation. 
  • We contributed a further $50,000 in the past financial year.
  • 11 staff volunteered regularly in the dining hall in 2015-16
  • Cabrini sponsors the Christmas Day lunch and staff donate gifts so the clients can receive a present. More than 400 gifts were donated for Christmas in 2015.

The Way Community

The Way Community is a home and outreach centre for older men who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

It offers a home in which residents are valued and supported.

The organisation seeks out people in local boarding houses, squats or on the street who are at the same time the neediest, and hardest to reach.

What we do
  • We provide annual funding towards the infrastructure and operating costs of the service.
  • In-kind support of donations by staff continued, through towel drives and Christmas presents organised by staff at Cabrini Rehabilitation.
  • The Christmas meal was provided by Cabrini for the residents at The Way Community and surrounding community at an estimated cost of $800.

Very Special Kids

Very Special Kids is a children’s charity that helps more than 900 families across Victoria who have a child with a life-threatening condition with ongoing support from diagnosis all the way through to recovery or bereavement.

What we do
  • We contributed funding of $48,000 towards the employment of a Human Resources and Occupational Health Safety Manager, $40,000 to the bereavement support program and $6000 for emergency respite support.
  • We provided a pro bono linen service (estimated value $13,000), a pro bono IT help-desk service (estimated value $18,000) and pro bono biomedical engineering support (estimated value $1500).
  • In preparation for accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, we provided advice on cleaning standards and patients and families engagement in care.