What information does Cabrini collect about me?

When you become a patient at Cabrini a medical record is created containing information such as your name, address, contact details, general practitioner (GP), the nature of the problem you are seeking treatment for, investigations and advice you have been given during your treatment. Every time you attend Cabrini as an inpatient or for healthcare services, new information is added to your record.

If you visit a private doctor’s suite at a Cabrini site or elsewhere, they maintain their own records about your health and are kept separately.

Why is information collected?

Cabrini collects health information to ensure that you receive the best possible care and treatment. Your medical history enables us to provide all health professionals involved in your care with up to date information. To help us look after your health we ask that you provide us with accurate and complete information.

Protecting your privacy

Information about you is stored in a central (acute or rehabilitation) paper medical record, which is stored securely within the Health Information Services Department or at a secure offsite storage facility. We also keep information about you on our computer system, which is protected from misuse, loss, interference and unauthorised access. Information that is captured electronically by Cabrini staff is stored on-site in central Cabrini systems. These systems are available to clinical staff to manage your care. When patient data is accessed electronically, there is an audit trail of who has accessed the data and when access occurred. This audit trail occurs regardless of whether the device used is a mobile or a desktop device. If accessing via a mobile device, there are three standard security features implemented.

Cabrini maintains strict policies regarding who has the authority to access your information and all of our staff must abide by the Cabrini confidentiality policy. The Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) govern the collection, use and disclosure, access to, and correction of, health information, as well as the security and retention of medical records in private hospitals in Victoria.

Cabrini is committed to upholding our obligations in regard to the Australian Privacy Principles. Our Privacy Policies reflect updates to the Privacy Act 1988 by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 with effect from 12 March 2014.

What happens with my information?

While you are an inpatient, general information about your condition may be provided to your next of kin or a near relative unless you request otherwise.

When you go home after an inpatient visit a letter may be sent to your General Practitioner (GP). The letter summarises your time at Cabrini and may include information such as your treatment, medication and any special instructions. If you do not wish this information to be sent to your doctor please let the admission staff (Patient Services) or your nurse know as soon as possible.

Another hospital, community health provider or doctor may contact us to obtain information about you so that they can continue your ongoing care. Please inform us as soon as possible if you would like to request that information not be provided to a particular person or organisation.

Your personal information will also be sent to your health fund as allowed in the Private Health Insurance (Data Provision) Rules 2011(Cth).

Legislation also requires that certain information about patients who have specific conditions and treatments must be reported to databases or registers maintained by the Department of Health or other health organisations. Patient information recorded on the databases and registers is kept strictly confidential. There may also be occasions where Cabrini is obliged by or authorised under, law to disclose patient information, such as presentation of your medical record to a court when subpoenaed in the case of legal action.

At Cabrini, patients cannot elect to be anonymous or pseudonymous unless they pay their entire hospital’s expense up front. Anonymous or pseudonymous in this context means you are registered by any name and other demographic details you choose.

The information we collect about you can only be destroyed after a specified time period. All patient records are kept for a minimum of seven years as per legislation.

We may contact you before you are admitted to;

  • Check pre-admission details
  • To inform you of out-of-pocket expenses.

You may be contacted after you have gone home regarding;

  • Follow up from day procedure centre 12 - 24 hours post discharge
  • Follow up post delivery discharge.

How can I access my information?

If you want more information about your care and treatment speak to your doctor or one of the nursing staff in your ward. If you would like a copy of your health information, you will need to either make a written application or complete the Request for Access to Information form and provide a copy of photo identification. There may be a charge for this service.

Select the link above to download a .pdf copy or contact the Health Information Services department on (03) 9508 1776 if you would like a form posted or emailed to you.



The Privacy Officer
Health Information Services
Cabrini Health
183 Wattletree Road
Malvern VIC 3144


Email: privacy@cabrini.com.au

If you are seeking access to records regarding your attendances at a doctor’s suite, please contact the doctor‘s rooms directly.

If you believe that any of the information that Cabrini holds about you is incorrect, inaccurate or misleading, please contact the Privacy Officer for further details regarding how to amend or correct your health information.

Requests made on behalf of someone else

An individual can seek access on behalf of someone else if:

(1) that person has a right of access AND

(a) has been authorised by them in writing to seek access on their behalf (e.g. a solicitor, family member or friend), OR

(b) is their authorised representative (such as a parent, guardian, or a person holding an enduring power of attorney), OR

(2) the individual is the legal representative of the deceased person who would have had a right of access when alive. The person must be the Executor of the deceased’s Will and must have obtained a Grant of Probate or have been appointed by the Court.

The request must be made in writing and they must provide evidence of their authority to act on the person’s behalf.

How much will it cost?

A fee is charged for the service of providing A4 black and white medical record photocopies in accordance with the Health Records Regulations 2002.

Cabrini may charge:

  • 20 cents per page
  • Costs in assessing and collecting the health information, $35.60
  • Transportation costs if the relevant documents are stored offsite, $17.10

Please do not send any money with your application, an invoice will be sent to you once an assessment of the charges has been made.

How long will it take?

Once your application is received we may contact you to request additional documents to support your request, e.g. identification. You will receive an acknowledgement letter and invoice advising of the fees to be charged (if any). Access may be provided within seven days of the payment of the fee or 45 days from the date of the request, whichever is the latter.

Once payment is received arrangements can be made to collect the information or have the information forwarded to you.

How can I get copies of x-rays/scans?

These can be obtained directly from the Medical Imaging Department. You can phone them on (03) 9508 1444 to obtain a request form.

How can I receive copies of pathology results?

These can be obtained directly from the Pathology Department. You can contact them on (03) 9508 1333 to obtain a request form.

How do I access information that the Cabrini Foundation holds about me?

Please contact the Cabrini Foundation on (03) 9508 1382.

How do I request to not receive direct marketing?

If you do not wish to receive direct marketing from the Cabrini Foundation please contact the Foundation on (03) 9508 1382.

Further information