Purchasing and procurement at Cabrini is a structured process that gives current and potential suppliers access to provide goods and services that are fit for purpose, contributing to patient well being, are market priced and are ethically sourced:

Within the overarching Cabrini Mission, purchasing and procurement is governed to ensure fair play, open and transparent dialogue and contribute to our local economy. We are concerned with maintenance of high standards and demand suppliers endorse ethical trading standards, ensuring patient care and human rights are held in the highest esteem.

As a not for profit health care provider Cabrini is concerned with paying fair market prices for its goods and services. On this page, existing and prospective suppliers can find information to assist them in their business with Cabrini. I invite you to read and enquire about the way we conduct our buying.

Procurement policy

Cabrini’s procurement policy is designed to ensure all staff at Cabrini, as well as suppliers understand the framework by which trading is conducted. Importantly Cabrini has been an integral part of the community in which we operate. Where possible we will seek to trade with local businesses, and in keeping with our Catholic Mission, support marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

Ethical Sourcing

Cabrini’s ethical sourcing respects Human Dignity and is aligned with the preservation of our environment. Cabrini will not knowingly support any industry that engages in any form of modern slavery, and references:

  • Ethical Trading Initiative,
  • United Nations International Labour Organisation,
  • United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and
  • Code of Ethical Standards for Catholic Health and Aged Care Services in Australia

Terms & Conditions of Trade

Cabrini has established standard terms of trade. Suppliers are expected to comply with Cabrini’s terms of trade at all times. The following resources will assist prospective suppliers understand the nature of these terms:



Contact us:

If you have any questions, please contact us at suppliercontact@cabrini.com.au.