Cabrini proudly boasts of a multi-cultural environment with staff from all over the world. Employees from overseas countries who are not Australian citizens are required to enter and/or remain in Australia on a valid visa whether it is a temporary or permanent residency visa. They are also required to meet the immigration legislative requirements of the visa such as private health insurance, etc. Non-citizens who are employed by Cabrini will be required to present their passport and current visa documentation at commencement for sighting and photocopying.

Visa Sponsorship


On a limited basis, Cabrini will consider sponsorship of professional non-citizens who are in need of a Temporary Skilled Shortage [TSS] visa (Subclass 183) for up to 4 years. To be eligible for consideration you will need to meet the visa requirements which include:

  • be in skilled profession needed by Cabrini
  • eligible occupation in the CSOL list 
  • relevant skills and at least two years of experience in the occupation
  • AHPRA registration (if applicable) granted prior to applying
  • English language requirements (exemptions: migrants from New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Ireland)
  • health and character provisions
  • maintenance of private health insurance

Permanent residency

Sponsorship for an employer-based permanent residency visa may be considered but only after three (3) years of continuous full time employment at Cabrini from the granting of a TSS visa under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream (Visa Subclass 186). Cabrini will not consider sponsoring non-citizens under the Direct Entry stream. After 3 years of employment at Cabrini, you will need to meet Cabrini performance and behaviour standards as well as legislative requirements to be eligible for this visa which include:

  • occupation eligible for permanent residency on the CSOL 
  • younger than 45 years of age at time of application
  • meet skills and qualification provisions
  • meet English language provisions
  • meet health and character provisions

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