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Our nursing specialities

Our nurses know that they can build their careers within a variety of specialties and that they will learn and...


Nurse & Midwife Graduate Programs

Our Transition to Professional Practice Program is designed to assist with the transition of newly qualified health professionals into the...


Our 18 month Diploma of Nursing

Australian Catholic University (ACU) College and Cabrini have joined forces to offer students the chance to become a qualified nurse...

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Our nurses are a diverse, highly skilled team, committed to excellence in patient care.  Whether full-time or part-time, they enjoy the benefits of working in a dynamic, challenging environment – one that is supportive, and one with a wide range of opportunities. 

Cabrini offers nurses a professionally satisfying experience where they are encouraged to make a positive impact on patient care delivery.  The mainstay of our nursing success is continuous learning and development through an extensive range of formal and informal learning opportunities.