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Nursing & Midwifery at Cabrini

Every day our nurses demonstrate their commitment and dedication to Cabrini’s mandate of ‘compassionate, competent care’

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    About nursing at Cabrini

    Learn more about Nursing at Cabrini, our excellence awards, research programs and frequently asked...

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    Our nursing specialities

    Our nurses know that they can build their careers within a variety of specialties and...

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    Nurse & Midwife Graduate Programs

    Our Transition to Professional Practice Program is designed to assist with the transition of newly...

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    Our 18 month Diploma of Nursing

    Australian Catholic University (ACU) College and Cabrini have joined forces to offer students the chance...

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Our nurses are a diverse, highly skilled team, committed to excellence in patient care.  Whether full-time or part-time, they enjoy the benefits of working in a dynamic, challenging environment – one that is supportive, and one with a wide range of opportunities. 

Cabrini offers nurses a professionally satisfying experience where they are encouraged to make a positive impact on patient care delivery.  The mainstay of our nursing success is continuous learning and development through an extensive range of formal and informal learning opportunities.