Nursing at Cabrini

Cabrini’s nurses are a highly skilled team, vital to the delivery of quality of care to patients and their families.

With more than 800 beds across the organisation, and more than 82,000 episodes of inpatient care, Cabrini offers integrated services ranging from emergency and critical care to midwifery, home care, palliative care, rehabilitation and aged care.

While they receive all the support Cabrini can offer, our nurses are encouraged to assume leadership roles and they participate in continuous professional development through a wide range of education programs.

Benefits of nursing at Cabrini

There are many reasons why nurses choose to work at Cabrini:

  • Attractive salary packaging
  • Flexible working hours
  • Public transport to the door
  • Paid attendance for education
  • Staff clinic for medical consultation and referral
  • Comprehensive library with access to the Internet
  • NurseSafe, a minimal manual handling training program that reinforces our commitment to staff safety
  • Scholarships and grants offered by the Cabrini Institute

Casual Nurse Bank

As well as permanent full and part-time positions Cabrini offers exciting prospects to our casual nurse bank staff, who want flexibility in their professional lives. 

Our team of casual nurses work across all specialities and are recognised as valued and essential members of the team. They provide a diverse range of skills and expertise, coupled with the ability to work a range of shifts.

We help our casual nurse bank staff attain goals while offering employment conditions to achieve the best possible balance.

Nursing Excellence Awards

Voted by patients, the Nursing Excellence Awards encourage, recognise and celebrate the best of nursing care. They support our goal of 100 per cent right care, 100 per cent patient satisfaction and 100 per cent nurse engagement.

There are three award categories:

  • Nursing (individual)
  • Midwifery (individual)
  • Work team

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