Inpatients at Cabrini’s hospitals and palliative care facility can have two visitors per day, for up to two hours.

These visitors can be of any age, including under 16. The two visitors may attend together, for up two hours, or separately for a total of two hours.

Visiting hours are between 10.00 am – 8.00 pm (visitors are permitted before this time if they are collecting a patient who is being discharged).

Patients attending an outpatient appointment may have one support person accompany them.

Exceptions to our visitor policy include:

  • Paediatric patients
  • Patients who require assistance with communication, wayfinding, mobility, personal care or behaviour management
  • Patients with a complex disability
  • Patients with a life-threatening medical condition
  • Patients who are dying and/or receiving end of life care
  • Maternity patients

These exceptions will be managed on a case-by-case basis, by nurse managers and nurse directors.

For more information about visitor restrictions on our maternity ward, please click here.

For more information about visitor restrictions at Cabrini Residential Aged Care at Ashwood, please click here.

We understand these restrictions may be difficult, but we are asking for your ongoing support as we work through this together.

Screening processes

Cabrini is following all Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidelines for screening patients and visitors across our sites.

All visitors need to adhere to Cabrini’s screening processes and infection control requirements, including providing details for contact tracing purposes, temperature screening, wearing a single-use mask and social distancing.

Visitors to Cabrini will have their temperature taken and be asked to sign-in, either via an iPad device or with one of our patient services staff. Visitors will need to wear a sticker while onsite, to show they have signed in.

If you are attending Cabrini regularly, you may like to download the Sine Pro app on your mobile device, so you can sign in more efficiently. You can find instructions about this here.

Visitors must also comply with the density and social distancing guidelines in shared or publicly accessible places.

Visiting Cabrini Malvern

Visitors can access Cabrini Malvern via the hospital’s main entrance at 183 Wattletree Road, Isabella Street Gandel Wing entrance, Isabella Street entrance B and via the main visitor carpark.

  • Main entrance – good access to main reception and south wards (best access for people with less mobility)
  • Main visitor carpark entrance – good access to the retail pharmacy, central wards, north wards, haematology and oncology centre and consulting suites 40-49
  • Isabella St, Gandel Wing entrance – good access to west wards, medical imaging, the day infusion centre, the mother and baby centre, GenesisCare Radiation Oncology Centre, cardiorespiratory and consulting suites 17-29 and 31-37
  • Isabella St, entrance B – good access to the day procedure centre, level 2 Day Of Surgery Admission, ICU and consulting suites 50-56

Visitors may be required to line up at our entrances, to allow screening measures to take place. Please be patient as we work through these processes to keep our patients, staff and community safe.