Emergency Department waiting times available online

Date: 20/12/2018

Cabrini’s Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department is now publishing live waiting times on its website, allowing people to check waiting periods before coming to ED.

It is now possible to see the indicative waiting time it will take to see an emergency doctor before coming into Cabrini’s ED.

The online estimate allows patients, paramedics and GPs to quickly assess the wait time before coming in.

The initiative has been well-received by the local community, providing certainty and peace of mind for patients.

Yvette Carrazzo has first-hand experience of the service and said it had made an incredible difference to her emergency experience.

Initially presenting at her local hospital with her six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, who had severed her finger after getting it caught in a door, Mrs Carrazzo was told the local hospital wait time could be more than four hours.

Having heard about Cabrini’s live feed of waiting times on its website, Mrs Carrazzo went online, saw the waiting time at Cabrini was minimal and decided to go there instead.

As she’d seen online, when the family arrived, her daughter was seen within 15 minutes.

Mrs Carrazzo had her three other children with her at the time and couldn’t face the uncertain wait to see a doctor.

“Having four children on my own and one very anxious little girl, I didn’t want to wait longer than necessary,” she said.

“Knowing I would be seen quickly at Cabrini, removed a lot of that stress.

“I had her home and tucked up in bed before I would have even been seen elsewhere.”

Mrs Carrazzo said the experience had been an overwhelmingly positive one.

“When you are in that situation, you just want to be seen quickly and to know you are in good hands. I couldn’t fault the experience we had at Cabrini.”

Cabrini’s Emergency Department director Dr Michael Ben-Meir said the live wait time initiative was aimed at reducing stress for patients.

“Coming to the Emergency Department can be a stressful time, not only because you are in pain or are worried about a potential medical issue, but also because you don’t know how long you will have to wait to see a doctor,” he said.

“By providing an estimate of our wait time on Cabrini’s website, we are aiming to reduce some of the stress related to coming to our Emergency Department.”

As Charlotte’s school is registered for the Cabrini Kids’ Discount, a partnership program between Cabrini’s ED and local schools, she benefited from a 50 per cent discount on the cost of her emergency attendance fee.

“Knowing Charlotte’s school had registered for the discount made a big difference,” Mrs Carrazzo said.

“From now on I will be going to Cabrini for any emergency.”

Charlotte has made a full recovery, with only a small scar remaining as a reminder of the incident.

Cabrini has partnered with more than 100 local schools to provide a 50 per cent discount on the attendance fee for students aged 17 and under who are attending a registered school and come to the Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department.

The discount applies to the attendance fee only and does not apply to further out-of-pocket expenses, such as x-rays or hospital excess payments.

To check if your child’s school is registered with the Cabrini Kids’ Discount program, visit www.cabrini.com.au/eddiscount