Call to review heart medications as Cabrini starts Heart Week conference

Date: 04/05/2018


Heart disease continues to be a major killer in Australia but many people with heart conditions could be doing better by having their medication adjusted, says a leading cardiologist.

In the lead up to a major Cabrini Health conference on Saturday May 5, to mark Heart Week 2018 (April 29-May 5), Cabrini Health Cardiologist, Dr Gautam Vaddadi, says people don’t realise just how high the risk of death is with heart disease.

“A patient might not be getting the right dose of their medication, but they don’t feel too bad and think they can muddle along for a while. They might tell their GP, ‘Oh I feel ok…not too bad, a bit short of breath’, get a new script and off they go. We know from a range of recent studies that reviewing with our patients regularly and offering them a range of treatments from medication, to key hole surgery, through to major surgery, can improve their quality of life,” he says.

Cabrini Heart services brings together multi-disciplinary teams of specialist heart surgeons, interventional cardiologists and intensive care nurses, using on-site testing facilities. On May 5, they’ll join GPs and paramedics for an intensive one-day conference, ‘Mending Hearts’, to discuss the latest in Cardiology.

“The program will cover the causes of heart disease, major treatments and the best care for an ageing population,” says Dr Vaddadi. “These interactive sessions between GPs and Specialists are just what I’m talking about...medical experts working together to find the best care for their patients, keeping up with the latest in technology and best practice.”

Highlights include updates in structural heart technology including valve prostheses and managing pulmonary hypertension, and new therapies in atrial fibrillation, anticoagulation and heart failure.

“In Australia we spend billions every year treating people in hospital for heart failure and a lot of that is spent on re-admission,” says Dr Vaddadi. “There are a lot of evidence-based therapies we can use to reduce the risk of further illness and it’s important to have our patients on the right medication. We’ve done a lot of the hard work in advancing the science in keeping hearts healthy, but the next great breakthrough is making sure people are getting the benefit of that science.”

The ‘Mending Hearts’ conference is at the Cabrini Health Auditorium, Level 2, 183 Wattletree Road, Malvern on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 08.30-5.00 pm.

Speakers available for interview include:

  • Dr Dion Stub – Answering the doubters: ten years of key hole heart surgery
  • Dr Gautam Vaddadi – Will heartfelt connections with GP’s help reduce mortality rates?
  • Professor Peter Kistler – Fluttering hearts: How close are we to a cure for Atrial Fibrillation?

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