Even Obstetricians choose Cabrini Maternity

Date: 22/05/2018

Cabrini obstetrician Dr Jaclyn Wloszczowski chose Cabrini Maternity for her own maternity care, safely delivering baby Alannah on the evening of Mothers’ Day with the help of obstetrician Dr Danielle Wilkins (Director of Cabrini Maternity) and Cabrini midwives.

Dr Jaclyn Wloszczowski feels blessed to share Mothers’ Day with Alannah’s birthday and thanks everyone who played a part in helping her to give birth to her new baby daughter.

Baby Alannah is a little sister to Evie aged 4 and Dr Wloszczowski’s and husband Erik’s second child. Evie is excited about having a sister.

“My big girl Evie specifically requested a baby sister, so we found out Alannah’s sex so that we could manage Evie’s expectations better in case she didn’t get what she ordered!” said Dr Wloszczowski. “When we asked Evie what would have happened if the baby were a boy, she answered ‘I guess we could keep him, but then we’d still have to get a baby sister’.”

Dr Wloszczowski’s hopes for Alannah are for her to grow into a confident, driven, compassionate, thoughtful and self-aware woman. “For my daughters, I hope that they will be able to support and lift each other up, and commiserate about their profoundly uncool parents, just like my sister and I have been able to,” she said. “My sister is an incredible friend and advocate, and I hope my girls can enjoy a similar relationship.”

It was a humbling and challenging experience for Dr Wloszczowski to be the recipient of the care she normally provides. “The hardest things for me were letting others see my vulnerability and fear, which is in contrast to the confident and reassuring persona I try to present to my patients,” she said. “The other difficulty was to be ‘in the moment’ and relinquish control, take my ‘doctor’ hat off and be a ‘patient’ and ‘mother’ – I think I did this much better this time around than I did last time – I remember being much more argumentative during my last labour! I’m a total backseat driver.”

Dr Wloszczowski says it was wonderful being cared for by her colleagues including Dr Danielle Wilkins, the mother of young boys herself, who spent much of her day at the hospital. “I felt safe and supported the whole time, even when things got a little bit hairy,” she said.

Following a natural delivery at Cabrini Malvern, Dr Wloszczowski spent part of her hospital stay at the Como, which allowed the family to be together with expert midwifery care onhand as needed.

Baby Alannah was the third baby to arrive at Cabrini Malvern on Mothers’ Day and the second delivery of the day supported by Dr Wilkins.

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