Marking World Glaucoma Week

Date: 14/03/2018

Marking World Glaucoma Week (11-17 March 2018), yesterday Cabrini ophthalmologist Dr Simon Skalicky gave an interview about glaucoma on ABC Melbourne’s Afternoon program. He covered how common it is, symptoms, risks, tests and treatments during an interview with Richelle Hunt and then took several talkback calls from listeners.

Dr Skalicky describes glaucoma as the “silent thief of sight” and wants to ensure people are tested for glaucoma before symptoms appear. He encourages people who wear glasses, people over 40 (and those who have a family history of glaucoma) to have their eyes tested regularly by their optometrist, who can screen for glaucoma.

For a referral to a Cabrini ophthalmologist, speak to your optometrist. A list of Cabrini specialists is available at find-a-doctor − for referrals to other Cabrini specialists, speak to your GP.

Dr Simon Skalicky interview about glaucoma on ABC Melbourne’s Afternoon program