When you arrive

Please attend Reception where you will be admitted by Patient Services staff. 

Malvern - please go to the main reception, located at the Coonil Crescent entrance.

Brighton - please go to main reception, located at the New Street entrance.

Prahran - go to the main reception, located at the High Street entance. 

On admission, please inform the nursing staff if you have any special needs or questions. During your stay, nursing staff will advise you of the services available and the care and treatment you may require after you leave hospital.

Bed allocation
Bed allocations are made on the day of admission. The allocation of a single room is subject to availability and priority is based on clinical needs. Every effort will be made to ensure that your desired accommodation request is met, however no guarantee can be given. 

Day Procedure Patients

  • Please follow your doctor’s instructions regarding special preparation prior to your procedure and do not drink alcohol the day before your admission. 
  • As certain types of anaesthetics may cause drowsiness and impair your mental awareness, please arrange for someone to collect you after your procedure and remain with you for the following 24 hours. On admission, ask the nurse for an estimated length of stay.
  • Do not wear make-up, jewellery or nail varnish and wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your procedure.
  • You will be provided with a personal discharge plan and staff are available to assist with arranging services you may need following your procedure.

Malvern patients only: on the day of your procedure, please bring your Day Procedure Centre brochure with you.

Paediatric Ward

Sleep-over facilities are available for one parent. Parents are welcome to visit at any time and be involved in their child’s care.

During your stay

Welcome Video

A short video plays on all patient TV screens, outlining useful and important information during your stay at Cabrini. 

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Patient Bedside Guide

A patient guide is available at every bedside with information about the range of services available to you, as well general information about how to access our amenities.

>> Cabrini Malvern bedside guide

Patient Identification

During your hospital stay you will be asked to provide your name, date and address prior to any procedure. This is to ensure the quality and safety of your care.

Call and Respond Early

Call and Respond Early is a patient safety system that can be used by patients, families and carers when they are concerned about a patient’s wellbeing. 

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Cardiac Surgery Guide - About your procedure

This brochure is intended to help you understand your cardiac surgical experience, as well  as provide you with information about what you can expect during your stay with us. 

Download the Cardiac Surgery Procedure Guide

Discharge Lounge

Patient collection has never been easier – simply drive up to the waiting bay to collect your friend or family member, no need to park the car. 

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Patient Transport

It is important to consider your transport
to other facilities or returning home when
you come into hospital.It is important to consider your transport
to other facilities or returning home when
you come into hospital. Ambulance and Patient Shuttle Transport: What do I need to know?

It is important to consider your transport to other facilities or returning home when you come into hospital. 

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Checking the health of Cabrini

How do patients help Cabrini to improve its care and service?

In line with our mission to provide excellence in all our services, we are committed to achieving 100 per cent patient satisfaction and 100 per cent safe care. For these reasons, we are monitoring our services through a series of audits (or checks) designed to help us identify risks to our patients and thereby ensure the safest possible care. Our patients are an invaluable source of information about our services. 

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Preventing infections while in hospital

At Cabrini, our main consideration is the safety of our patients. We are committed to minimising the risk of you acquiring an infection during your treatment. Hospitals can be risky places. If you are elderly or otherwise debilitated, if you require an intravenous drip for a prolonged period of time, if you have an open wound – then you may be at increased risk of developing an infection. 

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Safe and appropriate use of antibiotics

Antimicrobials include antibiotics active against bacteria, as well as anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic medicines. Inappropriate use of antimicrobials can lead to increases in drug resistance, side effects and treatment costs. An effective approach in hospitals is an organised antimicrobial management program, known as antimicrobial stewardship (AMS). 

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Cabrini’s approach to end-of-life care

At Cabrini, we believe doctors and other healthcare practitioners should not intentionally cause the death of a person in their care and should not assist a person in taking their own life. Cabrini will therefore not be participating in voluntary assisted dying for patients receiving care with us at our facilities or in their homes while under our care.

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  • Cabrini – A teaching hospital
    Cabrini is a teaching hospital. It has academic departments in partnership with Monash University in surgery, medicine, medical oncology and clinical epidemiology and Deakin University in nursing and dietetics. Cabrini participates in training nurses, doctors and other health professionals. If you do not wish to have involvement with students, please speak with your doctor or the nurse in charge of your ward. We also have doctors in advanced training (registrars and fellows), who work with our physicians and surgeons.
  • Cabrini Institute
    Cabrini is committed to clinical research and education and the Cabrini Institute is responsible for the supervision of all research conducted at Cabrini. During your stay, you may be invited to participate in a research project, however you are free to choose whether or not to participate.
  • Discharge planning

    Before coming to hospital, be sure to make plans for returning home – talk to your family, doctor, case manager or pre-admission nurse. Matters to consider include shopping, domestic help, personal care, meals, home safety aids and equipment. When you arrive at hospital, talk to your admission nurse about any needs you may have on leaving hospital. Your length of stay at Cabrini will be determined by your admitting doctor and your medical needs. The preadmission nurse will discuss discharge with you and arrange a plan. Staff will assist you and your family to plan and arrange care after you leave hospital. If needed, community based health and support services will be arranged. A care coordination service is available to facilitate complex discharge planning and can be accessed through the nurse manager of your ward. The Brighton Case Coordinator is available to assist with discharge planning, call 0409 154 319.

  • Acknowledgement of Consent

    If you are having a procedure, certain treatments or investigations including a blood transfusion, you are required to complete an Acknowledgement of Consent. Your doctor is responsible for ensuring you are adequately informed of the proposed treatment or procedure before completing the form. A brochure outlining the significant risks, benefits and alternatives to blood transfusion is available from the Nursing Preadmission Service or your ward nurse after admission. If a staff member is exposed to your blood or other body fluids through a sharps/needlestick injury or by other means, your permission will be sought to test your blood for infective agents that could have been transmitted.

  • Medical Treatment Act
    If you have appointed an Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment Act) and/or completed a Refusal of Treatment Certificate and want them applied to your hospital admission, please bring the forms with you and inform the nurse on your admission.
  • Privacy and medical information
    Cabrini is committed to protecting the privacy of its patients and has policies and procedures to govern the collection, use and disclosure, access to, and correction of, health information, as well as the security and retention of medical records. A brochure, Privacy: What happens to information about you? is available and explains our processes in more detail. If you would like further information, speak to the nurse manager of your ward, or call the Privacy Officer, Health Information Services at Malvern: 9508 1222 Brighton: 9508 5758
  • Veterans’ Services

    Cabrini has a Tier 1 rating with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. A Veterans’ Liaison Coordinator can offer assistance to veterans and their families and may be contacted at Malvern on 9508 1591 or at Brighton on 0409 154 319.