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Rights and responsibilites

What to expect and how to make a complaint or compliment our service

Your Rights 

Our Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

Access - to the health care you need
  • Cabrini is a private hospital and health service. Your health fund will fund your stay or care.
  • You will have been referred to a service at Cabrini which may be delivered at different locations. We will provide information to you regarding the location of your care.
  • Ensure you understand the level of private health insurance you hold.
  • Attend all appointments at the booked time and notify us in advance if there is a problem.
  • Co-operate with discharge arrangements.
Safety – to safe and high quality care
  • Cabrini will provide care to you which is based on best available evidence.
  • Cabrini staff are qualified to deliver the care you need.
  • Cabrini is accredited to provide this care.
  • Give us any information that will assist us in managing your care safely.
  • To follow instructions regarding your care.
Respect – to be treated with respect
  • You will be treated with respect and consideration regardless of your age, culture, beliefs, sexuality and background.
  • To treat other patients and health care staff with respect.
  • To co-operate with care givers or talk to them about why you cannot participate in your treatment plan.
Communication – to receive the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your care.
  • Provide concise and timely information to you about your care options and treatments in a way that you understand.
  • Provide professional assistance, for example, translators to assist in your understanding of care.
  • Tell us openly about your medical history, medications you are taking, allergies you have and anything else which will help us care for you.
  • Please speak up if you feel this is not happening and we will ensure it does.
Participation – to be at the centre of discussions about your health care.
  • Encourage you to make informed decisions about your care and to consent to treatment.
  • We respect the role family, friends and advocates may have in care decisions and will be guided by you in this.
  • Take an active role, to the extent that is right for you, in care decisions.
  • You can choose to consent to or refuse a treatment.
  • Ask for clarification on anything of which you are not sure.
Privacy – to have your personal dignity maintained and information about you held confidentially.
  • Ensure your health information is only shared with appropriate health care providers.
  • Recognise that you have a right to ask about your health record and clarify its contents.
  • Cabrini’s privacy policy is available on our website. A brochure called ‘The privacy of your personal information’ is available from all wards and main reception.
  • Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of others.
To give feedback – you have the right to expect high standards of care and to make comment about your experiences and to be heard.
  • Provide an easy way of giving feedback to us on the service you have received.
  • Please ask your health care professional who will direct you.
  • To raise your concerns in a respectful way.
  • Talk to us if and when a problem arises and we will do everything we can to fix it.
  • Tell us we have done a good job if that is how you feel.


All patients have the right to provide feedback if they are not happy with any aspect of our services. Please direct any concerns to the person caring for you or the manager. If your concerns are not resolved, please contact the Cabrini Customer Relations Manager on 9508 1222.