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Will I receive reminders from the Cabrini General Practice?

This practice routinely sends out reminders and recalls for tests and appointments. If you do not wish to receive these, please inform the doctor.

Will the Cabrini General Practice share my personal information with anyone else?

Please be assured that your privacy will be protected. All patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly confidential.

All patient information is treated with the utmost regard to the patient privacy and confidentiality. No information is disposed of without first being shredded. All patient files (including those of patients who have moved on to other areas or those who are deceased) are kept indefinitely in storage at the surgery. Computer records are secured with passwords and are backed up twice daily with backups being kept off-site.

How do I obtain my test results?

In most instances, and unless the doctor has indicated otherwise, results of tests may be given by the doctor over the phone. If the doctor is unable to attend the phone, he/she will return your call later the same day. The same applies to phone calls for other reasons. If a longer conversation is envisaged, patients are asked to make an appointment rather than a telephone call.

Are the instruments you use safe and sterile?

All re-usable instruments are sterilised by Melbourne Day Surgery and arrive at the surgery in sealed, sterile packs. All needles, syringes, sutures, scalpel blades and vaginal speculae are fully disposable and are used only once.

How do I obtain a referral to a specialist or other healthcare practitioner?

By law, referrals to specialists must be obtained prior to specialist consultation and cannot be back-dated. An appointment is necessary in order to obtain new referrals. Ongoing referrals can be obtained at an out of pocket charge of $15 or by appointment.

What is I just need a script (prescription)?

Patients are asked to attend the practice for prescriptions unless they have previously discussed their needs with the doctor. Ongoing repeat prescriptions may be obtained at the doctor’s discretion at a charge of $15.

Is the Cabrini General Practice accredited?

The Cabrini General Practice has achieved full accreditation with Australian General Practice Accreditation Ltd, a body set up by the Australian Government to oversee general practice accreditation. It was the first practice to be so accredited in the whole of Victoria.

What if I have a question, comment or complaint?

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the surgery on 9571 9933. Our staff will be only too happy to assist.

If you are unhappy with anything we have told you or done for you, please do not hesitate to contact surgery staff to discuss the matter. We believe that problems are best dealt with within the practice but if we are unable to resolve the problem, you may wish to contact:

Health Services Commissioner
Level 10, 55 Swanston Street, Melbourne
ph (03) 9655 5200
Freecall 1800 136 066
Fax (03) 9655 5219