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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is held once or twice a week for six weeks with the aim to empower cardiac patients and enhance their quality of life following a cardiac event such as heart surgery or AMI and or Coronary angioplasty.

The sessions are run by a multidisciplinary team comprising cardiac nurses, dietician, occupational therapist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, psychologist/pastoral care and social workers. The sessions include exercise and education which assists patients to return to independent living more quickly.

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Heart Failure Program

The Heart Failure Rehabilitation service provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitate patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure. The program provides a combination of supervised exercise, education and lifestyle management. Education focuses on the early warning signs and symptoms of fluid retention, when to seek appropriate treatment by the GP and what to do to minimise exacerbations.

The major aim of this program is to reduce re-admissions and to improve patient quality of life. The heart failure team provide both inpatient and outpatient support and which is tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs.

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