Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

If you have heart disease or a pre-existing condition, cardiac rehabilitation, which includes an exercise program, can have important health benefits. Research has found rehabilitation can reduce the recurrence of cardiovascular disease-related issues by up to 35 per cent.

At Cabrini, we offer a group exercise, education and support programs, which are individually tailored to each patient’s ability and recovery stage and helps them return to daily activities. The program caters for patients diagnosed with a heart and blood vessel-related disease, or who have had a recent episode due to a pre-existing condition such as heart attack, angioplasty or bypass surgery.

You will be assessed by a cardiac nurse and physiotherapist before starting the program to ensure it meets your needs. When you finish, ongoing support can be arranged through our maintenance exercise support programs.

Heart Failure Program

Cabrini provides high quality and holistic care for heart failure patients and their families, including: patient reviews in hospital, home visits, telephone support and a group exercise program.

Our Chronic Heart Failure Services caters for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of chronic heart failure caused by a heart attack, or long-term health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

We run a program to help patients improve their quality of life, consisting of two parts:

  •  One-on-one contact with a nurse specialising in chronic heart failure care. They may support you at one of our hospitals, or in your home, depending on your needs.
  • A 12 session group program which runs for six weeks.

Ultimately, the program aims to help boost your emotional health, increase independence, improve physical functions like walking and strength, and reduce fatigue and shortness of breath.