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About Cancer Services at Cabrini

We can offer you all the care you will need ‒ from diagnosis to rehabilitation

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating news for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Tremendous strides over the last three decades have resulted in improved treatments, higher survival rates and better quality of life.

At Cabrini we can offer you all the care you will need ‒ from diagnosis to rehabilitation – and you won’t have to battle the city traffic every time you have an appointment.

Cabrini continues to be a leader in cancer treatment.

Cabrini is by many measures an important cancer service in Victoria with comprehensive diagnostic, surgical and medical care, led by experienced teams of oncologists, haematologists, surgeons and other medical specialists, nurses and allied health practitioners.

As well we offer specialist palliative care facilities should they be needed. We also provide supportive care and services such as our Cabrini Wig Room in Bayside available to all Cabrini patients and our scalp cooling equipment which helps to reduce hair loss in patients receiving chemotherapy.

In future, we will provide onsite radiotherapy care at Cabrini Malvern for patients who need it. This means we will be able to provide a fully integrated cancer care service, thereby improving convenience and the patient experience.

Cabrini began its day oncology services almost 30 years ago, at a time when oncology was emerging as a specialty in its own right. Since then, earlier detection and advances in treatment and care have increased survival rates significantly. Modern medical oncology treatments have reduced the need for inpatient treatment with many therapies being provided on a day-case basis.

Our Cabrini Haematology and Oncology Centre, open since April 2015, groups together specialists in the treatment of blood disorders and cancer including haematologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, a palliative care specialist, registrars and allied healthcare professionals.

Each year, an increasing number of patients are treated in day oncology at Cabrini with units located at our Brighton and Malvern hospitals.

For more detaled information about the range of comprehensive services we offer at Cabrini and about the various tumour streams we specalise in, please select the following links.

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