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General Enquiries
Phone: (03) 9508 1222

Cabrini service offered at Cabrini Malvern

Operating hours
Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm

About the service

These services aim to facilitate a smooth hospital episode and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions by:

  • making contact with appropriate patients whilst they are in hospital,
  • Facilitating transfer to an alternative accommodation following an acute hospital stay, such as rehabilitation, convalescence or residential aged care,
  • Facilitating and maintaining community services to support a safe hospital discharge to the community,
  • Implementing longer term programs which support patients with chronic conditions to manage their condition effectively themselves.

Services include:

  • Complex Case Management
  • Orthopaedic Case Management
  • Continence Clinic
  • Chronic Respiratory Services
  • Chronic Heart Failure Services
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation, and
  • Diabetes Education Services.