Hospital in the Home

Cabrini’s Hospital in the Home Unit (HHU) provides patients with specialist healthcare in the comfort of their own surroundings. Our highly experienced team of doctors and nurses deliver the same safe and effective treatment you receive in hospital to your doorstep.

General Inquiries

Phone: (03) 9508 1745

Additional Information

Our service provides in-home care to patients who live within a 20km radius of Cabrini Malvern. For patients who live beyond our catchment, we can arrange accommodation near the hospital so you can access our services.

Operating Hours

8.00 am - 4.00 pm, 7 days a week



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About our hospital in the home service

We know that for some patients, it is more comfortable and convenient to be cared for in the home. That’s why Cabrini offers an innovative model of care called Hospital in the Home Unit (HHU) providing hospital level treatment for patients in their own familiar surroundings, so they do not need to travel.

For patients who qualify, it can provide an alternative to being admitted to hospital, or an opportunity to return home earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Even though your care and treatment will be delivered at home, the unit is still considered a clinical ward of Cabrini Health. That means our unit not only has its own dedicated team of medical and nursing staff, but patients can still access our specialist support services.

This type of care is not suitable for every patient. To be eligible, you must be assessed by one of our doctors and meet the admission criteria.

Services offered

Patients are admitted to our service for a variety of reasons. The most common treatments we offer are:

  • Giving patients intravenous (into the vein) medication or hydration fluids, including: antibiotics, iron, steroids, diuretics or electrolyte replacement
  • Complex wound vacuum therapy, a type of therapy to help wounds heal quickly
  • Surgical drain tube management
  • Anti-coagulation therapy


Benefits of care in the home

One of the advantages of treating a patient at home is that our compassionate staff develop a genuine rapport with them, and begin to understand their unique individual circumstances. We believe this enhances their clinical care – and we are not alone.

Research has shown that some patients have improved outcomes and a better recovery at home and can experience fewer complications.

I am so fortunate that Cabrini offers this service so I could be in my own home instead of hospital. All the staff were more than helpful, kind and knowledgeable, and I felt extremely comfortable in their expert care.” from HHU patient, October 2018 

I would highly recommend this service to others, it was so nice to be at home in my own surroundings rather than in hospital. All staff and doctors were fantastic. I really felt cared for and the level of attention was amazing. It made the unfortunate experience of medical care bearable. Thank you to all!” from a HHU patient, September 2018


Commonly asked questions

  • How can I receive care at home?

    You may be admitted to Cabrini’s Hospital in the Home Unit (HHU) in different ways, depending on your condition and treatment.

    If you would like to receive treatment in your home, you can discuss this type of care with one of the doctors or nurses on your ward, or your general practitioner.

    Once you are connected with the service, the unit’s doctors and nurses will talk to you about your medical treatment and home environment. If you choose to be treated at home, and the unit has deemed you suitable for this type of care, you, or a member of your healthcare team, will be asked to sign a consent form and treatment plan.

  • How does the service work?

    When receiving care in the home, you are still considered a Cabrini patient. This means you will continue to be supervised by our health professionals, and benefit from the same excellent service.

    The Hospital in the Home team will arrange for nurses to visit you and deliver the treatment you require. You will also receive visits from our doctors who will assess your progress.

    When your treatment finishes at Cabrini, our doctors will discharge you into the care of your general practitioner.

    It is important to note that Cabrini retains responsibility for your treatment while you are in our care. We may need to advise you to temporarily stop activities that our healthcare team believes could hinder your treatment, such as: working, driving, playing sport, or social engagements. We will work with you to assess each situation, based on its potential impact on your recovery.

    Receiving care through Hospital in the Home is voluntary. A key part of the process is discussing with your caregivers whether it’s appropriate for you.

  • Who will look after me and how?

    You will be cared for by our specially trained nurses and doctors, who work in Cabrini’s Hospital in the Home Unit (HHU).

    They will store your medications, dressings, or other elements of your treatment regime in a locked equipment case, which is stored at your home for the duration of your care.

    Our team of experts will closely record and assess your medical observations, and any changes in your condition will receive immediate attention.

    Should you need any additional care or support, our team will help organise it through one of our preferred providers. This could include: making an appointment with an allied health professional, such as a physiotherapist, arranging home services or organising accommodation closer to the hospital.

    We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest level of care, even when you leave Cabrini. When you are ready to be discharged, we will make sure you receive any necessary follow-up care by arranging for you to see your general practitioner, or specialist.

  • What if something goes wrong?

    We understand that receiving care outside the hospital may be a daunting prospect for some patients. This is why our team of nurses and doctors are always here to help. In the case of an emergency, Cabrini’s HHU staff are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    If your condition unexpectedly deteriorates, you become unstable or develop a complication, our skilled staff will change your treatment plan immediately. In some circumstances, you may need to return to hospital to continue your treatment. In these instances, you will be taken to hospital by ambulance. When you become a HHU patient, our staff will talk to you about any concerns you may have and discuss the emergency plan included in your information pack.

  • What costs can I expect?

    The cost of our care will depend on your private health insurance policy and there may be out-of-pocket charges. You will receive the same level of care in the Hospital in the Home Unit as you would receive in one of our wards, so the charges will be the same. We encourage you to speak to your health insurance provider or one of our staff for more information about potential costs.