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Cabrini service offered at Cabrini Malvern, Cabrini Brighton, Cabrini Palliative Care - Prahran

Operating hours
24 hours x 7 days

About the service

The Cabrini Pharmacy Department is a dedicated team of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Store Personnel. The Pharmacy Department is responsible for dispensing any medications prescribed to you while an inpatient. The cost of these prescriptions will be included in your hospital charges.

The Pharmacy Department provides a fully comprehensive pharmaceutical service to all hospital inpatients, including patients discharging from the hospital, as well as to other healthcare professionals, medical and nursing staff. The services are offered across three Cabrini campuses at Malvern, Brighton and Prahran.

The Pharmacy Department offers
  • Safe and timely supply of medication
  • Provision of drug information and patient counselling
  • Cytotoxic and sterile compounding, including parenteral nutrition products, epidurals, intrathecals and intravenous antibiotic continuous infusion solutions for Hospital in the Home patients.
  • A team of specialised clinical ward Pharmacists that oversee the safe, effective use and supply of medication to their allocated wards
  • Involvement in a number of oncology, rheumatology and general medical focused clinical trials.
  • A professional and caring service to all in-patients.