Your total emergency account will vary depending upon the treatment(s) you receive on the day. The emergency attendance fee is a fixed out-of-pocket cost and applies to all patients including Medicare card and private health insurance holders. Unfortunately, this fee is not covered by the government or health funds. This fee is necessary for us to be able to offer a high-quality emergency service to the community. If you require pathology or medical imaging services, some out-of-pocket charges may apply in addition to the emergency attendance fee.

The below fee estimates are for eligible Medicare-card holders.


 8am – 6pm

All other times


Maximum out-of-pocket cost for Medicare claimable outpatient pathology services if applicable

Medical Imaging 

Maximum out-of-pocket cost for Medicare claimable outpatient medical imaging services if applicable


Non-Medicare claimable items such as specialist pathology tests, MRI, take home items and prescription based pharmacy items if applicable

Your out-of-pocket costs will contribute to your Medical Safety Net. Notes:

  • If you are admitted to the hospital, we will provide you with financial information relating to your admission.
  • Non-Medicare entitled patients (i.e. international visitors) are liable for Medicare fees in addition to the above.

Payment of accounts:

  • Emergency Department medical account and discharge pharmacy items are payable prior to discharge.
  • Invoices for Pathology, Medical Imaging and take-home items will be mailed to patients.

Student discount

We offer a 50 per cent discount of our emergency attendance fee to students of registered schools and preschools and junior members of registered sporting clubs, aged 17 years and younger. The 50 per cent discount applies to the attendance fee only and does not include any further out-of-pocket expenses, such as x-rays and blood tests.

  • Register your school or sports club
  • View the list of registered pre-schools, primary and high schools

Sporting club partnerships

Cabrini Emergency Department proudly supports junior football clubs in the South-Eastern region of Melbourne.  We offer a 50 per cent discount of our emergency attendance fee, and if required a bulk-billed Sports Physician follow-up visit on the Monday for cases seen on the weekend. Participating sporting clubs are:

  • View the list of participating Football Victoria Clubs
  • View the list of participating South Metro Junior Football League Clubs

If you attend our ED as a result of a sporting incident, your club insurance may cover some of your medical costs. Please take your receipts to the club once they have been paid for possible reimbursement.