A typical length of stay in hospital following the birth of your baby is four nights.


Rooming-in allows you and your baby to remain together. It helps to build confidence in caring for your baby, establish a breastfeeding routine and promotes bonding between you, your partner and your new baby.

Visiting hours

Our maternity unit has no set visiting hours. Talk to your family and friends to determine the best time for you to receive visitors. It is a good idea to have one person responsible for coordinating when family and friends will come to see you and your baby. All we ask is that the number of visitors at any one time is limited to two or three people. If any of your visitors is unwell, please ask them to delay their visit.

Return home sooner

We all know there’s no place like home. Should you choose to return home sooner, you are eligible to receive a range of support services. Returning home sooner will always depend on how you and your baby are feeling and upon consultation with your doctor.


If required, we can provide midwifery support in your own home where an experienced midwife will visit you one to three days after you leave hospital. This service is available within a 15km radius of Cabrini Malvern.

Breastfeeding clinic

Our breastfeeding clinic, led by our lactation consultants, provides support, education and assistance to Cabrini mothers and babies up to six weeks of age, as an outpatient service if required.