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During labour and throughout the birth of your baby, you can trust Cabrini to deliver, every step of the way.

During labour and throughout the birth of your baby, you can trust Cabrini to deliver, every step of the way.


We provide comprehensive, high quality, obstetrician-led care, supported by experts in midwifery, lactation, nursing and physiotherapy. Our onsite emergency, intensive care and advanced diagnostic services provide extra peace of mind.

Before you arrive

What to bring:

We have prepared a detailed check-list of suggested items to bring to hospital, both for the labour ward and for your postnatal stay. 

Suggested items to bring to hospital checklist 

You can also find detailed information on our Admission process and everything you need to know before and during your visit to Cabrini, here on our Admission pages.

Arriving at Cabrini:

If you are not in active labour or if you have a caesarean section booked, please present to the main reception desk where our friendly staff will assist you.

If you are arriving in active labour, there is a three minute car parking area in front of the main entrance to the hospital. Please make your way directly to the birthing suites on level 2 and we will ask your partner to move your car once you are settled into the birth suite, when time permits. Overnight arrivals can move their car first thing in the morning. 

Assessment in birth suite

When you arrive at the birth suite, you will be seen by your midwife. She will take a history from you and will do a fetal monitor and maternal assessment.

The maternal assessment will typically include:

  • taking your blood pressure
  • taking your pulse and temperature
  • testing your urine
  • timing your contractions

If needed, your midwife will also offer to do an internal examination. Your obstetrician will then be contacted regarding your presentation and management will be discussed.

During birth

Your midwife:

The role of your midwife is to provide safe, evidence based care and support for you, your new baby and your partner.  They will be with you thorughout your labour providing care and performing regular observations on both you and your baby throughout the birth and assisting with the birth. They are also there to guide you in caring for your newborn baby, to encourage breastfeeding and to provide post-natal care for you both.

Your obstetrician:

Your obstetrician will be notified following your admission to hospital and will be notified immediately if there are any concerns regarding you or your baby. Typically the obstetrician is notified as you enter the second stage of labour so they can be present for the birth of your baby. They will see you during your labour as needed and will assist you with decisions regarding pain management, provide you with information regarding your progress and the well-being of your baby.

Our paediatricians:

Most obstetricians will arrange for one of our highly qualified paediatricians to meet you and your baby after birth, they will perform an initial examination of your baby and answer any questions you may have. They are available for further advice whilst you are in hospital, and will offer you a six week review appointment at the end of the newborn period.

If you require a caesarean section birth a paediatrician will be present at your operation.

Our anaesthetists:

The birth suite anaesthetist will be contacted if you request to have an epidural for pain relief during labour, and they will also manage your post operative pain if needed. If you are planning on, or require, a caesarean section, the anaesthetist will look after you during the procedure. This may involve using your epidural if you already have one, or giving you a spinal anaesthetic if you do not.