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The birth of a baby is an exciting time, especially for first-time parents.

Cabrini offers a midwife guided tour of our facility, as well as a range of informative and interactive classes to help parents prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and care of your new baby. 
  • Maternity South Ward

    Maternity Unit Tour

    We would be pleased to show you around Cabrini’s maternity unit.  On your 30 minute tour, you will be able to visit the birth suites, a post natal room and our special care nursery, dependant upon availability.  Our tours are hosted by an experienced midwife, who will be able to answer your questions and provide detailed information on our services and classes.

    Tours are available on most Monday and Wednesday evenings and bookings are essential.  Please select "Book now' and complete the form below.

    Tours commence from the Maternity Lounge room, 2nd floor, between Maternity South and Maternity Central wards.  Please arrive five minutes before the tour start time.

    For any questions please contact us on (03) 9508 1724 or email


    $0.00 per class

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  • healthy preg v1

    Healthy Pregnancy

    Learn how to enjoy a healthy pregnancy in this class facilitated by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. Understand how to prevent problems such as back and pelvic pain, poor bladder control and what exercises are safe and beneficial in pregnancy. This interactive class for women only will cover all of these topics and more.



    $30.00 per person

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  • lamaze sqr cta

    Lamaze Birth and Beyond - birthing with confidence

    Lamaze aims to promote, support and protect natural, safe and healthy birth.

    Your baby's 'birth day' is an event you will never forget. Preparing for this experience through knowledge and planning will empower you to approach your labour and birth with confidence.

    Lamaze supports evidence-based pregnancy, birth and parenting practices, backed by research and presented by Cabrini's Lamaze midwives.


    - guides you as you navigate all of your options, their benefits and drawbacks
    - seeks to empower you as you explore how your body was designed for birth, and encourages you to work with your body's natural abilities
    - provides strategies for comfort and coping with pain during labour, reducing unnecessary interventions, and receiving continuous support during labour and birth
    - encourages bonding between you and your baby, with the importance of skin to skin contact and time to get to know your new baby

    Times: All inclusive four week series: 7-9pm weeknights  OR  Weekend - two consecutive Saturdays - 9am-1pm 



    $160.00 per series

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  • care after birth squ cta2

    Birth & Beyond - Weeknight Series -$120 per series

    Designed for first time expectant parents the weeknight series runs once a week over three consecutive weeks. Come, meet and learn from experienced Cabrini midwives/educators and have all your questions answered!

    - Week 1 Normal Birth: recognizing labour, when to call and come to Cabrini, how labour unfolds, active birthing, self-help skills, pain relief options and labour support strategies.

    - Week 2 Birth Variations: induction of labour, options for assisted births and caesarean births. A tour of the Maternity Unit (Birth Suite if available, Special Care Nursery and the Postnatal Unit) completes the evening.

    - Week 3 Baby & Beyond: the importance of skin to skin contact with your baby, feeding cues in the lead up to the first breastfeed, the benefits of breastfeeding, newborn tests, calming a crying baby, SIDS education, postnatal mood changes and the value of postnatal support.

    The one-off cost of $120 covers the expectant mum and her partner/support person for all three weeknight classes.

    Series Times:

    A series runs over three weeks duration on the following days and times:

    - Monday:        7.30 - 9.30pm
    - Tuesday:       7.00 - 9.00pm
    - Wednesday:  7.30 - 9.30pm


    $120.00 per series

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  • preg class sqr cta2

    Birth & Beyond - Weekend Workshop

    The weekend workshop offers an alternative to the 3 week series and offers condensed information about active labour and birth, self-help skills, pain relief options, induction of labour, caesarean birth, the support person’s role as well as an introduction to breastfeeding, SIDS education, postnatal mood changes and the value of postnatal support. A tour of the Maternity Unit is included.

    In addition to this workshop, please consider booking into Baby First Aid and Birthskills.

    Class Times:

    9.00am - 3.30pm on either Saturday or Sunday


    $120.00 per class

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  • baby close up sqr

    Baby First Aid

    Could you save your baby's life? How would you respond in an emergency? This two hour workshop will help you prepare for the unexpected in your baby's first year of life. You'll gain skills to help prevent and/or manage a number of injuries and emergency situations such as choking, febrile convulsions, burns, stings and more. There will be an opportunity to practise CPR on our baby manikins during the session.

    Attend this workshop at any stage during your pregnancy or after your baby is born.



    $40.00 per person

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  • mum bub sqr2

    Birth Skills

    Facilitated by a women’s health Physiotherapist this practical Birth skills workshop is designed to empower women and their support person to break the stress response that can occur in labour. These birth skills include movement, positioning, massage, breath awareness, relaxation and TENS. Early physical recovery following birth will also be explored. (Rebates may be available from your private health insurer with extras cover)

    Attendance at Birth Skills is recommended following the Birth & Beyond Series or Weekend Workshop


    $40.00 per class

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  • cabrini delivers more sqr cta2

    Caesarean Birth

    Planning a caesarean birth or just found out you need to have a caesarean? This class will prepare you for a caesarean birth at Cabrini including recognising signs of labour, preparing for theatre, the caesarean procedure/birth of your baby, physical/emotional recovery and caring for your baby at home. This class is facilitated by a Midwife and a Physiotherapist. A tour of the Maternity Unit is included.

    Attending the Baby & Beyond class is also highly recommended following the caesarean birth class to learn about the importance of skin to skin contact leading up to the first breastfeed, the benefits of breastfeeding, caring for your baby, newborn tests, calming a crying baby, SIDS and more.


    $40.00 per class

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  • baby yawn sqr

    Baby & Beyond

    This class is for first time expectant parents attending the caesarean birth class wanting more information on all things postnatal.

    - the importance of skin-on-skin contact with your baby
    - feeding cues in the lead up to the first breastfeed
    - the benefits of breastfeeding
    - newborn tests
    - calming a crying baby
    - SIDS education
    - postnatal support



    $40.00 per class

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  • birth refresher sqr v2

    Birth Refresher

    Facilitated by a Midwife and a Physiotherapist, this class is for parents having another baby wishing to update their knowledge. This class provides an overview of birth options, including vaginal birth after caesarean, the latest birth skills, pain relief options, pelvic floor and back care and preparing your older child/children for the arrival of a baby. A tour of the Maternity Unit is included.



    $40.00 per class

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  • grandpa sqr

    For Grandparents

    This informative class is held each month for grandparents to be, to help celebrate becoming a grandparent.

    Did you know?

    - Babies sleep on their backs to help prevent SIDS
    - Babies like to breastfeed in the first hour of life
    - Dummies are not recommended until breastfeeding is established
    - There is a correct way to swaddle babies to help prevent hip dislocation


    $0.00 per person

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