Welcome to Cabrini Maternity

Thank you for considering Cabrini to deliver your baby. Our highly skilled obstetricians, medical staff, midwives, nurses and allied health professionals will help bring your baby safely into the world. With more than 60 years' experience and the delivery of more than 1800 babies every year, we understand the joy of welcoming a new baby into the family. 

Our family-friendly unit is equipped with 23 deluxe, private rooms accommodating double beds and private ensuites, a fully-appointed delivery suite and special care nursery. Our maternity unit is fully supported by our in-house anaesthetic department, 24-hour operating theatres and intensive care unit. 

We welcome your partner to stay with you and offer an exceptional food and beverage menu. After your baby is born, you may complete your recovery at The Como Melbourne.  For safety reasons, we are unable to accommodate additional children overnight during your stay at Cabrini, however your family is welcome to join you at The Como Hotel.

1. Book a tour

We would be pleased to show you around Cabrini’s maternity unit. On your 30-minute tour you will see our birth suites, post-natal rooms and special care nursery. Our tours are hosted by an experienced midwife, who will be able to answer your individual questions and provide further information about our services and classes. Click here to book a tour of our facilities.

2. Find an accredited Cabrini Obstetrician

Cabrini’s highly skilled and experienced obstetricians will assist and guide you through your pregnancy. To find an obstetrician visit our Find a Doctor directory. 

3. GP referral

Booking into Cabrini is easy; just ask your General Practitioner to refer you to your preferred Cabrini obstetrician.

4. Meet your obstetrician

Discuss your expectations. Take a list of all your questions. Anything you wish to know about your pregnancy, the birth and your baby, your health concerns and any financial queries.

Discuss your private health insurance coverage with your obstetrician. Always ask about out-of-pocket expenses. Will there be any? How much? If you have any questions afterwards, contact your health insurer. If you don’t have health insurance, that’s ok, we have the Cabrini Self-funded Maternity Package for those uninsured. 

5. Book to have your baby at Cabrini

Once you have met with your obstetrician, they will book you into Cabrini.

Please contact our Booking Office on 9508 1724 or via email maternity@cabrini.com.au with any questions you may have.

Your Cabrini Maternity Information Guide answers all your questions about having your baby at Cabrini. 

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