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How we care for you

The main aim of palliative care is to provide comfort and support for patients and families.  At Cabrini Health, we believe palliative care is about living with a life-limiting illness.

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Information for new patients and visitors

We welcome patients and visitors; recognising the vital role visitor’s play in supporting loved ones.

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Make a referral to Palliative Care

Ask your Doctor or carer to assist you with completing our online referral form.

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Planning for your future - Advance Care Planning

What would happen if you became very sick or had a serious accident and could not talk to your doctor or family about your treatment or make decisions for yourself?  Who would make medical decisions for you and how would they know what you want? Advance Care Planning is a process of planning for your future health care and personal care needs.

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Cabrini’s approach to end-of-life care

At Cabrini, we believe doctors and other healthcare practitioners should not intentionally cause the death of a person in their care and should not assist a person in taking their own life. Cabrini will therefore not be participating in voluntary assisted dying for patients receiving care with us at our facilities or in their homes while under our care.

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